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Frequently Asked Questions

Because we're slow and lazy, and also don't spend every waking moment of our life updating this site - it's just a hobby! We'll try and add a few Deaths each week, and if we get some visitor submissions it will make it easier.
Thanks for asking! We have a submission form.
All you have to do is register on our forums, and then you can easily rate deaths as you read them with a single click.
That's because we're biased towards writing up our favourite deaths first. We're confident that as time goes on it will be obvious that most mainstream films are short on new ideas.
Because we're going through our DVD collection, and we have unusual tastes! We'd forgotten 'The Fast and the Furious' before the credits even started rolling, so to see if there were any notable deaths in it we'd have to watch it again, and frankly we'd rather stick pins in our eyes first.
Well, you should have seen the first ones we did... It's not easy to fit the concept of "ironic death" or "false alarm" into a 50 pixel square area.
Still, let us know which ones you hate more than the others and we might redo them. Alternatively, you can download a Photoshop PSD file of a blank icon and send us your effort.
Tell us what it is and we might add it.
Go to the categories page and click 'Order By Frequency.'
Go to the Deaths page and click the 'Categories' table heading.
You need to Register on our Forums (it's free).
We aren't concerned with novelisations, games or flash animations made by obsessed fans. We rate Movie Deaths, so as far as we're concerned, if a character looks as though they die and they don't appear in any sequels then they're dead (in fact, we might add them even if they *do* appear in some later cash-in sequel). If the spinoff life of the character outside of the film is interesting though, we have no problem listing it as a note.
We have added some people that don't die (but we wish they had) in our Cheating Death category. In fact, if someone has "Cheating Death" on their entry, it means they almost certainly *didn't* die.
Quick answer: probably never. More detailed answer here.
Mouse or Old Bluffer add the deaths to the database, and if there is no other credit they'll have written everything. Where applicable though, we credit in the following manner:

  • "Submitted By..." - this means we were prompted to add the death by someone, but one of us wrote most of the entry.

  • "Written By..." - this means the submitter's original writeup is largely intact and has only been edited for style.

Captions tend to get written by the editor who uploads the grabs.

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