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X-Men: The Last Stand, Scott 'Cyclops' Summers (James Marsden)

Site Rating: 50%
(ratings: 3)
Writeup Rating: 90%
(ratings: 2)
Film: X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)
Deceased Character: Scott 'Cyclops' Summers (James Marsden)
Archetype: Goody (Major)
Killed by: Jean Grey (Famke Janssen)

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Written by Old Bluffer 25th May 2007

Written by Mad Movie Mathew(I haven't seen this film so I've added this review unread for typos as I don't want to spoil it any more for myself! - Old Bluffer)Poor ol' Scott. He took Jean's apparent death "so hard" (according to Xaiver). In addition to his guilt and pain, he is being tortured by horrible visions of Jean trapped underwater and her voice calling for him. He decides to make a hasty ride to Alkali Lake, site of Jean's death, to try and stop the pain.

Walking on some rocks that overlook the lake, Scott starts to hear the voices once more. "Stop it!" he pleads repeatedly, each time growing more enraged. He claps his hands over his ears, but the voices grow ever more in intensity. Not taking it any more, he screams into the air, "STOP!" He rips his sunglasses off and blasts the river with his eyes. He shuts his eyes and collapses onto his knees. The voices and cries stopped, Scott calmly places his glasses back on. Suddenly, a hole tears open in the water. Scott can only stand in awe as a large gaping chasm opens. The water in the whirlpool spectacularly bursts, creating a shockwave that sends Scott flying onto his back.

As leans forward, a bright light engulfs him causing him to shield his eyes. A figure is seen through the piercing light. As the light eases, Scott gets to his feet. We see on his face both joy and amazement at the off-camera figure. As he walks towards it, the camera swoops around to reveal Jean Grey, resurrected.
"How?" Scott asks, lost for words.
Jean looks around and thinks: "I don't know..."
Scott doesn't care, though, and he lovingly hugs her. When he finishes, Jean requests something which takes the overjoyed smile right off Scott's face: "I wanna see your eyes."

"Take these off," Jean tells him, moving her hands towards the glasses. Scott naturally grabs her arms, as his superpower is that he fires high-energy blasts from his eyes. He obviously doesn't want to turn his beloved Jean into Swiss cheese just after getting her back. "Trust me, I can control it now," she seduces. Scott reluctantly accepts and allows her to take them off. This might not go well...

Scott's eyes are firmly shut. "Open them," Jean orders. "You can't hurt me." At this point, Scott opens his eyes and the red light retreats back into his pupils before finally disappearing. For the first time in the trilogy, we see his real blue eyes. And when I say 'his', I mean James Marsden's. They then passionately kiss. As the camera sweeps acrosss the pair, Jean suddenly opens her eyes. When go around the other side, Scott's face is bubbling and swelling. He opens his eyes in shock, the music hits a climax and...

Cut to Xaiver sensing a disturbance in the mutant force and sending Logan and Ororo to the lake. Yep, Cyclops, despite being a very popular main character, is not even treated to the luxury of an on-screen death. As Logan walks around the lake, he discovers, among the various rocks floating in the air, Scott's sunglasses with no body to put them with. They take Jean back to the mansion, and for some reason, Logan doesn't bother to mention the glasses to anyone else. Later on, when Jean wakes up, Wolverine quizzes her on the glasses. She looks at them and suddenly Scott's face can be seen in the reflection of the glassses. She comes under great stress as images of their encounter fly past (including a long shot of their kiss, which wasn't used the first time). "Oh God," whimpers Jean, as objects around the room fly out of control. Suddenly the glasses burst apart in Logan's hand. I'm kinda guessing from that less than subtle shot that he might have been disintegrated...

By reading that write-up, you can already tell why this ticks all the boxes of an 'Unsatisfying' death. Now I understand that Mr. Marsden had very little time to shoot his role (he was engaged with 'Superman Returns'), but was this really the best they could come up with? Cyclops is a major character and has a huge fanbase and the fact he was so easily dismissed (yep, he dies ahead of 'Prison Truck Guard #1') shows how rushed the film's production was. What I have a hard time believing is that no one actually seem to care if was dead or not. I know he was acting like a bit of an ass lately, but could you at least feign upset when Logan tells you Scott's dead, Xaiver? The lines in the lake scene could do with a good polish too. Regarding the offscreen death, I understand why they did it (to increase the shock for Xaiver's death) but it also makes this an unsatisfying end to a memorable and well-liked character.

I'd also like to point out there's a possibility of a false advertising lawsuit considering the posters and DVD cover show him in his X-Men costume - which he doesn't wear in the film...

Reviewer Comments:
It should be noted that the Two-Disc Special Edition (currently only available outside the US) contains a computer-generated animatic of this scene. It should be noted that in this version, Scott is actually seen exploding and the Phoenix flames (seen at the end of 'X2') can be seen rising out of the whirlpool. Also seen in storyboard form is a brief shot of a shocked Scott withdrawing from the kiss before the explosion. It is unknown whether footage of Scott actually being killed was shot. The teaser trailer also includes an high-angle shot of Scott of screaming before blasting the lake. This moment is only seen from a long shot in the final film.

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Scott 'Cyclops' Summers (James Marsden)

Last Updated: 2nd Jun 2008
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This review has 19 comments. Reply to the comments
Comment 1 by 'Matt' (reply to this comment)
Are you an X-Men fan or just a fan of the films, OB (as I am)?

I also suggest you see the film before adding any more. It's an OK film, but the best death relies on it's mostly unexpected nature...

You might also want to get rid of the rubbish draft version.
Comment 2 by 'Matt' (reply to this comment)
I just realized that there's a wrong category. It's actually Offscreen Killing.
Comment 3 by 'Matt' (reply to this comment)
BTW, while Cyclops may be a 'Minor' Goody in terms of this film, with a mere 3 scenes of screen time, I categorised him as 'Major' due to the major parts in played in previous films.
Comment 4 by 'Karl_Eichholtz_13' (reply to this comment)
it's not gonna feel right continuing the series without cyclops.
Comment 5 by 'Mr. Briggs Inc.' (reply to this comment)
I didn't know they were continuing the series, but killing Cyclops was a poor decision. And welcome back, Karl.
Comment 6 by 'Matt' (reply to this comment)
Well, the end implies an X-Men 4. And we have got the Wolverine and Magneto spin-offs coming (but they're set in the past).
Comment 7 by 'Bek' (reply to this comment)
Yeah... I was kinda disappointed also at how this turned out. Scott (aka. Cyclops) was one of my three favourite characters in the comics and TV shows, and I couldn't believe that they killed him off in the first five minutes... What the hell is that all about?
Comment 8 by 'Matt' (reply to this comment)
Actually, he survies the first 20 minutes. But given the fast pace of the film, I can see why some say it's the first 5 minutes.
Comment 9 by 'Lord Sin' (reply to this comment)
I sometimes think Stan Lee must have been Drunk out of his mind to let the writers do they hack job they did with this movie >.> more proof they should never wook in hollywood again... ever.. not even for a Care Bear Movie


damn i hope i didn't give them ideas.
Comment 10 by 'Matty' (reply to this comment)
ok so with Xmen 3 it wasn't that bad, it could have been way better, heres a list of things i hated about the movie....

They killed Scott summers in like the first half hour of the movie, hes a main character........he could have been in the forth movie, if they ever make a he won't.

They killed off Xavier who is also a crucial character to the Xmen movies.....COME ON!!!! all though Many of my friends didn't watch all the credits of Xmen 3, and if u did, u would of seen that doctor wif a patient who is in a coma, and he wakes up and speaks, and when he does the nurse says "Xavier??" so maybe hes still alive.......

They added some mutant who makes tiny spikes come out of his face...............

They made rogue even more useless then she already was......

They didn't bring Nightcrawler back, he wasn't even mentioned in the film......

Mistique who is one of my favourite's, loses her powers halfway through and thats the end of her...

They didn't even bring Gambit into the movies, and he was one of the original characters, sure hes gna be in the wolverine movie but thats not the same, also i know shes useless but i would of liked to see Jubalee.

Angel was in the film, but he didn't get much screen time as he should have.

Then to top off the many deaths in this film, they kill off Jean Grey.....i know she was bad but gee wiz, keep the deaths of main characters to a minimal aye?

other then that I enjoyed the film. they should have kept the same director who directed the first 2 Xmen movies
Comment 11 by 'Torian' (reply to this comment)
I'm a huge Cyclops fan for years. Killing Cyclops in X3 was wrong and a terrible idea. Without him, the X-Men looks empty. I haven't forgiven this movie almost for 4 years and I stopped seeing the movie. If there's an X4. I'll see X3 again. Right now I'm sticking the cartoons(including Wolverine and The X-Men) and pretending these movie don't exist.sad smiley:mad:
Comment 12 by 'SPKuja' (reply to this comment)
Actually, the only death that makes sense in the film is that of Jean Grey/Pheonix. Though, originally she was never killed by Logan, but I guess they had to re-write it to make it fit in with the film. Either way, killing Scott off so soon was a bad move...
Comment 13 by 'vinz' (reply to this comment)
Actually, Nightcrawler couldn't return because actor positively wouldn't. It took six hours to apply the makeup, and he never wanted to come back after 2 was finished, which is why all mention of nightcrawler are throw-away lines of him returning to the monastery...Too bad, it was looking like one of the most faithful of the Nightcrawler adaptions. Hope they can find someone with the same voice, or have an actor with the same appearance of Alan Cummings play the role and be over-dubbed.
Comment 14 by 'Cyclops_fan_01' (reply to this comment)
i wish i knew why they dipicted jean grey killing scott summers in (x-men the last stand) i wonder what her motive was? i have been a cyclops fan since i first saw the uncany x-men cartoon show back when i was about eaght or ten years old while my little was a wolverine fan and had the costume and action fist with claws and the action figure i had the cyclops codtume plus the vizer and the action figure but never was able to get the ruby-cortzed sunglasses due to not knowing where to buy them and another carictor they never put in was gambit ontell (x-men origians wolverine) nor did they put in morph another x-man i liked i also had the action figure as well as i had the gambit action fugire and why is it that you'll only see jubalee in the deleted seens of x-2 on the specal fetures disk where they where on the field trip and contrary to popluar belief she is not useless if i am not mistaken she has the ability to controll elictricty how cool is that i wish i could.
Comment 15 by 'Clo' (reply to this comment)
Ahh. Love what you have said finally a comic fan who know background stories and then give his opinion on the movie. I hVe a big question I thought cyclops was the one to stop the Jean Gray. Not wolverine. Maybe there another story I hVent reAd. I was hoping that they would make some apocalypse movies but with Xavier gone.......
Comment 16 by 'B.R.' (reply to this comment)
This movie was dreadful... in the words of Lo Pan, "indeed!!":X
Comment 17 by 'B.R.' (reply to this comment)
Xavier isn't gone. Watch to the end of the credits and you'll see what I mean.
Comment 18 by 'james wilson' (reply to this comment)
I agree because you cant kill the main characters and I was mad because they ruined the whole point of the xmen.
Comment 19 by 'dregj' (reply to this comment)
they kind of sidelined cyc in the second film aswell disappears at the start then shows up right at the end to cry over jean
second most popular x men character treated like a punk