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Werewolf of Washington, The, Jack Whittier (Dean Stockwell)

Site Rating: 25%
(ratings: 4)
Writeup Rating: 87%
(ratings: 3)
Film: Werewolf of Washington, The (1973)
Deceased Character: Jack Whittier (Dean Stockwell)
Archetype: Ambivalent (Major)
Killed by: Marion (Jane House)
Killed with: silver bullet

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Written by Mr. Mouseburger 9th Jan 2007

Kindly submitted by The Doctor

Jack is a reporter, now press secretary for the White House, since he was criticized for being "too pro-administration." Bitten by a werewolf while on assignment in Hungary, he returns, and social acquaintances of the President soon start to die in the most grisly of manners. Mind you, since when has a President ever been able to grasp the bleeding obvious, and he simply won't believe Jack's claims that he is a werewolf, has been committing these killings and that he should be locked up.

Jack is finally believed by by the police, who chain him up for the night at the Watergate hotel (nice touch) so that he can go back to Hungary and track down the gypsy woman who foresaw this and try to get help. By strange coincidence that can only be dreamt up by a Hollywood hack, her son was the werewolf who infected Jack.

Marion, the President's daughter who Jack had an affair with, reluctantly keeps him locked up, and takes a pistol with a silver bullet in it in case he "wolfs out" and comes after her.

The President has released Jack though in order he accompany him to an address with the Chinese ambassador, and is too dumb to see Jack start to transform in the Helicopter they are in. The Chinese ambassador does though, and tries to warn him but the President won't listen until Jack stands up. Finally putting two and two together, the President finally believes Jack's claims, but is attacked.

The helicopter they are on though is close to the ground, and so the President jumps out, but he is bitten by Jack, who follows. The two get into a.... I wouldn't call it a fight... more of a one-sided attack with Jack attacking and the President fending him off with his jacket (yeah, that'll do it). Eventually Jack bores of this, and runs off in search of Marion, with the Washington police in hot pursuit.

He finds Marion at the White House and, following a long tradition of lycanthropic pursuits of females, he chases and attacks her. However, Marion still has the gun Jack gave her earlier and, as he runs toward her, she fires, hitting him square in the chest. Jack falls as he lets out one last, deep howl.

Just one category for this death : Shot

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Jack Whittier (Dean Stockwell)

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Comment 1 by 'The Doctor' (reply to this comment)
Nice job on the re-write MB. However, there is an H in "Whittier."
Comment 2 by 'The Doctor' (reply to this comment)
ALso, there was a bit in the writeup that was left out, which was the aftermath of the bite Jack gives the President. During the end credits, we hear the president giving a speech, with many pauses in between. In the end, we hear a howl and some growling, telling us that the President is the new Werewolf of Washington. The most inspired bit in the whole movie.