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Untouchables, The, Jim Malone (Sean Connery)

Site Rating: 87%
(ratings: 6)
Writeup Rating: 60%
(ratings: 3)
Film: Untouchables, The (1987)
Deceased Character: Jim Malone (Sean Connery)
Archetype: Goody (Minor)
Killed by: Frank Nitti (Billy Drago)
Killed with: Machine Gun

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Written by Mr. Mouseburger 4th Jun 2005

Malone is the quintessential 1920s Irish-American flatfoot, with one difference, he has a thick Scottish accent!

That said, his death is classic Hollywood. Chasing a "dago bastard" out of his house, he realises that Nitti (q.v.), dressed like Michael Jackson in ‘Moonwalker’, is standing on a stairwell with a machine gun. Malone is completely gunned down and Nitti leaves him to die.

When it comes to the "Nitti" gritty, Malone gets killed far too easily

Cut to:

Hours later when Elliot Ness [Kevin Costner] enters Malone's house, sees a massive trail of blood and finds Malone in his study. Even though 99.99% of his blood must have been spilt, Malone still had the wherewithal to circle a train timetable and explain that the bookkeeper, who Ness is searching for, will be getting on that train.

Malone's entry into the guinness book of records for the "quickest crawl to the living room with 100+ bullets in your body"

His dying words are "What are you prepared to do?” aimed at Ness, and echoing the line he said to our hero at the start of the film.

Instead of asking for an ambulance, Malone wastes
his last few minutes of life memorising train timetables

3 categories : Unsatisfying, Shot, Exsanguination

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This review has 13 comments. Reply to the comments
Comment 1 by 'Kit Yun' (reply to this comment)
Sean Connery's death deserves more than a 33%! Nor was the death unsatisfying. It took dozens of bullets to kill Sean and he puts up a hell of a fight before dying and still manages to give Ness the courage to fight for what he believes in. The death is touching and relevant. And extremely violent. Mr. Mouseburger is a jerk!
Comment 2 by 'Mr Mouseburger' (reply to this comment)
The shooting in itself was not the thing i was unsatisfied with, it was the fact that he managed to crawl all the way back into his house and regain consciousness right at the moment Ness needed him to, and fit all the pieces of the jigsaw together for Ness, before delievering a cheesey line and finally dying.

With the amount of bullets he was hit with he would have died of loss of blood within moments, if the bullets themselves did not kill him.

I suppose this is horses for courses. However, if you post up a rating that you think it deserves, at some point in the future we will try to set up a users average rating for each of the deaths.

Comment 3 by 'Ocafi' (reply to this comment)
It's always unsatisfying when Sean Connery dies.
Comment 4 by 'Kooshmeister' (reply to this comment)
Just thought I should point out, the "dago bastard" who Malone chases out of his house was Bowtie, whose death at the hands (gun?) of Stone during the staircase shootout I submitted.
Comment 5 by 'Mr Mouseburger' (reply to this comment)
heheh, cheers for letting us know. I can see he is stored in my ever growing "to do" pile. Rest assured though that he will be added in due course. It is actually quite a stylish scene.
Comment 6 by 'The Doctor' (reply to this comment)
I laughed a bit during this when, when Ness and Stone find Malone, Ness utters the blandest "Oh, God!" ever heard in the history of film.
Comment 7 by 'old bluffer' (reply to this comment)
[quote=Mouseburger]With the amount of bullets he was hit with he would have died of loss of blood within moments, if the bullets themselves did not kill him.[/quote]Actually, I think you overestimate the killing power of those machine guns.
If enough bullets hit you, then you will die - but not immediately.
For example, one of the victims of the Valentine's Day Massacre was shot 22 times but still survived until the police took him to the hospital*.

So, I have to agree with the others, you are being a bit harsh about this death! smiling smiley

* [Source: []]
Comment 8 by 'Matt' (reply to this comment)
Some trivia:
- Malone, like Oscar, drinks alcohol before his demise.
- The first person shot ("Creeper shot") is a De Palma trademark to introduce tension.
- Sean Connery had to be rushed to hospital when dust got in his eyes on the first take.
- According to De Palma, Connery "hated" the scene, claiming it was "appalling". He had to be convinced to do it a second time, despite the fact it represents "everything he hates about moviemaking".
- The death is deliberately "extremely violent" and "shocking" to motivate Ness to do things he never expected to do (such as throwing Nitti off the building).
Comment 9 by 'Mr Mouseburger' (reply to this comment)
hehe, i am good company then, the great man himself hated the scene too!

It is not only the number of bullets, but there is also about 1/2 a mile of blood smeared on the floor where he crawled to the living room. There is no way all that blood was in this Scotch-man. I think i would have been more impressed with the death scene if he was already dead when Ness got there, but his last act was to circle the timetable and leave Ness to work out the significance. Instead, for the audience benefit, he is made to explain the plot, before expiring.

However, as i said, it is horses for courses - now we have the average rating score system, you can all vote for a percentage you think is more fitting - democracy at its finest grinning smiley
Comment 10 by 'luke-jones' (reply to this comment)
He didn't ask for an ambulence because he knew he wasn't going to make it.
Comment 11 by 'militemus' (reply to this comment)
Well I think he circled the timetable before being shot...
About asking for an ambulance... I guess he would have some quite more important things in mind, like the oscar...
Comment 12 by 'cmm' (reply to this comment)
One of my favorite films..always sadden by the death of Malone. Bloody but more significant...he was a good guy & good friend to ness and the guys. Bowtie & Nitti? always disgusting. deservrd to die even the Nitti did not in real life
Comment 13 by 'TuRRIcaNEd' (reply to this comment)
Hmm... I think this one is actually deeply affecting (although I wonder how much that has to do with Morricone's pitch-perfect score).

There's no doubt that dramatic emphasis has been employed over realism here, but there's a few things I have to take issue with. Firstly, Malone probably circled the train timetable before he was shot - he had been warned by Mike, the corrupt police chief (and Malone's source of information), that he could no longer protect him from Capone ("This is a dead man talkin' to me, Jimmy") and in all probability was aware that he didn't have long as Mike would have had to tell Capone in order to save his own skin. Secondly, while there was a blood trail on the floor, it wasn't deep and exsanguination would have been slow. Those old Tommy guns could fire a lot of lead real quick for their size, but penetration was lousy - remember Nitti was the backup in case Bow Tie failed to stab Malone, which means Capone intended him to die slow and hard in any case - otherwise Nitti would simply have walked in with a .38 and capped Malone in a second, which was the usual Mob approach to hits back in the day. Thirdly, this was shot about 2 years before Moonwalker, so it's more likely that MJ (being a movie buff) copped Billy Drago's look than the other way around.

Interesting bit of trivia - this was the first time that Sean Connery had to strap on squibs to be shot on screen, and the first time they tried it he was actually injured and ended up in hospital. There's a good chance that the shocked intake of breath before he collapses and the grunts of pain as he crosses the floor are to some degree painfully real.