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Tormented, Tasha (April Pearson)

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Film: Tormented (2009)
Deceased Character: Tasha (April Pearson)
Archetype: Baddy (Minor)
Killed by: Darren Mullet (Calvin Dean)
Killed with: Spade

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Written by Old Bluffer 2nd Jun 2009

(Spoiler alert - this is a new film and well worth the price of a cinema ticket, so if you haven't seen it yet I'd advise you don't read on)

This death is part of the same scene where Bradley gets knocked off, but Tasha outlives him by a minute or two.

As you'll have hopefully realised by now, Tasha is a particularly conniving and sadistic bitch, and rules the roost amongst the girls at her school.  Cleverer and nastier than Sophie,  she is a major player in most flashback scenes where Darren Mullet is being bullied.

As we've just seen, she was in the process of urging Bradley to a Happy Ending (for his benefit alone I suspect, she seemed rather unenthusiastic to me!) when he was plucked from her succulent flesh and savaged by Mullet.

As noted in the previous review, everything happens rather fast here, but she ends up cowering in Mullet's grave, which was almost fully excavated by Bradley.

Now at this point, she surely knows she is definitely about to be slaughtered, and unlike Marcus, she doesn't even have a chance of physically defending herself.

So, I have to give grudging respect for her audacious - albeit feeble - attempt to get Mullet to spare her life.  She does this by flirting with him, which given that he shows even less emotion in his zombie state than he did in life, is a rather desperate gambit to say the least.

"I didn't mean it when I picked on you, I *fancied* you," she ad libs, with about as much conviction as her sex talk with Bradley moments earlier.

Even she can't have been surprised when this fails to move Mullet, and he decapitates her from above with a single swipe of the spade.

Old Bluffer's Thoughts

This wasn't one of my favourite scenes of the film, two major characters get killed in arguably unsatisfying ways, as I whinged about in the Bradley review.

Stary tuned though, as my favourite death is coming up shortly, and all the remaining ones are rather good too!

2 categories : Decapitation, Revenge

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