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Taking of Pelham One Two Three, The, Mr. Brown (Earl Hindman)

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Film: Taking of Pelham One Two Three, The (1974)
Deceased Character: Mr. Brown (Earl Hindman)
Archetype: Baddy (Minor)
Killed by: Hippie (William Snickowski)
Killed with: Revolver

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Written by Old Bluffer 5th Jun 2009

Written by Kooshmeister

George Steever, alias "Mr. Brown" is probably the hijacker with the least personality. That said he's still an interesting character due primarily to his relationship with Mr. Blue. Although never elaborated upon, Brown and Blue are apparently close enough friends that when Brown is injured in an unprovoked firefight with the police, Blue is quick to avenge his henchman by coldly executing a hostage.

After the thieves have gotten their money and departed from the train, they begin making their plans to escape involving removing their disguises and putting on different hats and coats. Another part of their plan involved sending Pelham 123 on down the tunnel to make the police believe they were still aboard. And had it not been for a couple of factors the group would've made it. Firstly, one of the passengers on the train, a hippie, is in fact an undercover cop, and got off the train the same time as them, without them noticing, although he appears to have injured himself.

The other thing holding the criminals up is Mr. Blue's confrontation with the stubborn Mr. Grey, which ends in Blue just shooting the guy dead. While Blue has Mr. Green go and relieve their dead associate of his share of the $1 million dollars, the hippie/undercover officer decides to make his move. And unfortunately for Mr. Brown he happens to be the hijacker standing closest to him. A single shot to back ends Brown's life, and he falls over dead, much to Mr. Blue's consternation.

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