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Taking of Pelham One Two Three, The, Bud Carmody (Jerry Holland)

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Film: Taking of Pelham One Two Three, The (1974)
Deceased Character: Bud Carmody (Jerry Holland)
Archetype: Innocent Bystander
Killed by: Mr. Blue (Robert Shaw)
Killed with: Machine Gun

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Written by Old Bluffer 4th Jun 2009

Written by Kooshmeister

Following the hijackers' killing of trainmaster Caz Dolowicz, police sharpshooters fill the tunnel behind the parked Pelham 123, although for the time being they are under orders not to fire, lest they injure any of the eighteen hostages aboard. However, even as the hijackers' demand for $1 million in cash is going through, and a pair of police officers are walking down the tunnel to deliver the bags of money, one of the sharpshooters gets an itchy trigger finger and decides to take a shot at hijacker Mr. Brown, winging the burly gunman in the arm.

As a result the subway tunnel briefly turns into a chaotic shooting gallery. The men carrying the moneybags duck to avoid being killed as the hijackers and police exchange ineffectual gunfire with one another before finally both sides order a ceasefire. Hijacker leader Mr. Blue is properly incensed that one of his men was wounded, and decides that a little demonstration is in order. Not to mention a little revenge.

Earlier, Blue had told the insolent Mr. Grey after one of his outbursts, "I once had a man shot for talking to me like that." An unimpressed Grey simply responded, "That's the difference between you and me. I do my own killing." But now Blue is about to show his insubordinate underling just how far he's willing to go, as well as to get revenge for Mr. Brown.

He picks subway conductor Bud Carmody, seemingly at random. In truth it is probably because Carmody is the most recognizable of the hostages, due to his uniform as well as the fact he has a specific duty on the train. Blue instructs the visibly shaken Carmody to get out of the train and go meet the policemen bringing the money (who incidentally are still cowering from the earlier firefight). Dread fills the air as a female passenger tells Bud he doesn't have to go if he doesn't want to, but Bud, mustering his courage, obeys.

Hopping out the back of the train, Bud begins walking down the tunnel....whereupon Mr. Blue levels his machine gun at the conductor's back and opens fire. Struck, Bud pitches forwards onto the tracks, not far from where Caz Dolowicz is, and dies instantly. That demonstration accomplished, Blue turns and shoots the visibly shocked Mr. Grey a dirty look, wordlessly warning his unstable henchman to watch himself, lest he share the conductor's fate.

Kooshmeister's Thoughts

Of note is how Bud Carmody's fate is changed from John Godey's original novel. In the book his role is switched with that of motorman Denny Doyle. There, it is Bud who is let go during the initial takeover, and, following the injury of Mr. Brown, it is Doyle whom Mr. Blue kills in retaliation. Carmody and Doyle's roles were reversed for the film, for unspecified reasons.

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