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Sleepy Hollow, Lady Van Tassell (Miranda Richardson)

Site Rating: 83%
(ratings: 3)
Writeup Rating: 100%
(ratings: 3)
Film: Sleepy Hollow (1999)
Deceased Character: Lady Van Tassell (Miranda Richardson)
Archetype: Baddy (Major)
Killed by: Headless Horseman (Christopher Walken)
Killed with: Portal

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Written by Mr. Mouseburger 8th Apr 2006

Kindly submitted by Pyro

Lady Van Tassel has revealed herself as the one controlling the Headless Horseman in an elaborate plot of revenge against Van Garrett, who had taken advantage of her father's death to evict her family off a large area of property so he may sell it to the wealthy Van Tassel family, though neither Katrina or Baltus were aware of this, and Van Tassel, for buying her family's former property, and the town in general for banishing herself, her mother, and her sister into the woods, due to her mother being suspected of witchcraft.

By having the Horseman kill off everyone in Van Garrett's Will along with all witnesses, Van Garrett's assets will go to Baltus Van Tassel, and in the event of Baltus and Katrina's deaths, the Lady's revenge will be complete and the Van Tassel estate and Van Garrett's assets will go to her; now all that is left for her is to kill Katrina.

Fortunately, Ichabod and young Masbeth, the son of a man who had been killed earlier due to being the witness of Van Garrett's will signing, arrive in time to save her before the Horseman can get Katrina. After a close encounter with the Horseman in a burning windmill, as well as a chase through the woods to the Tree of the Dead, the three of them are intercepted by Lady Van Tassel on horseback, who prepares to shoot Katrina when she attempts to run, but turns and shoots Ichabod instead to lure Katrina back.

At this moment, Lady Van Tassel grabs Katrina and restrains her for the Horseman to kill.

Meanwhile, young Masbeth discovers Ichabod is not dead, nor does he even appear to be wounded (we discover this is due to the hardcopy book that was in his coat pocket had stopped the bullet, as Katrina had said to "keep it close to your heart"). Ichabod then notices a bag on Lady Van Tassel's belt containing the skull of the horseman, should it be reunited to the horseman, he will cease his murders and return to the netherworld. With that in mind, Ichabod tackles Lady Van Tassel, causing her to release Katrina and fall from her horse, and the skull falls from the bag a few feet away.

As Ichabod struggles with Lady Van Tassel so he may retrieve the skull, the Horseman grabs hold of Katrina, preparing to finish her off. Taking action, young Masbeth grabs a branch and knocks Lady Van Tassel unconscious, buying Ichabod enough time to grab the skull and get the Horseman's attention, presenting the skull to him.

The Horseman immediately releases Katrina and takes the skull, placing it back on his shoulders where it belongs. After a brief and bizarre CGI regenerating sequence that only Tim Burton would conceive, the Horseman's head is restored to him, and he may cross over to the afterlife. But there's still one loose end left...

Mounting his horse, the Horseman goes over to where Lady Van Tassel is laying and lifts her up onto his lap, just in time for her to wake up and see his terrifying face looking down at her. The Horseman doesn't even allow her to scream as he suddenly appears to forcefully kiss her, though upon closer inspection he is actually biting her with his filed teeth. Facing the Tree of the Dead as its trunk opens to form a gateway to the netherworld, the Horseman gives a tug at his steed's reigns and the ghostly rider charges forward, the Lady in tow as he enters the gateway. Lady Van Tassel, being of the living, is unable to pass through, and her body is gruesomely crushed and ground apart as it enters. The roots close, and only her hand remains outside, the index finger curls slightly, as if beckoning Ichabod and the others.

3 categories : Dismemberment, Crushed, Wrath of the Gods

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This review has 10 comments. Reply to the comments
Comment 1 by 'Mr. Briggs Inc.' (reply to this comment)
Would this be "Prophecy" as the Hessian's head is to be reunited with his body for him to stop the murders?

How about "Magic" rather than Wrath of the Gods? Wrath usually implies that the deceased disturbed a Sacred place or object.
Comment 2 by 'commanderblue' (reply to this comment)
Ground up? jeez. I never knew that. I always thought she just went straight to Hell and that was it. But then again, I did wonder how her hand just stood there.
Comment 3 by 'Pyre' (reply to this comment)
If you look closely you can see blood and gore erupting from the tree's base as she's pulled into it, so it's implied her hand was pretty much all that was left of her.
Comment 4 by 'commanderblue' (reply to this comment)
(after watching it again)

Oh boy, yeah, lol, I see what you mean
Comment 5 by 'Zoe' (reply to this comment)
Thats a cool way to die you have to admit. Kissed, squidged and wrathed upon.

I love the Horseman. He's so inventive and an excellant sense of balance, sight and hearing for one who is headless.
Comment 6 by 'Hessian's Rose' (reply to this comment)
Does anyone agree with me that The Hessian Horseman is hot.
I wish he had a name. He is my favorite character. The eyes
were creepy and his teeth freaked me out.
When he kissed Lady van Tassel, I was like, " Ew! " Why would he
kiss the person who killed him? Then I noticed the blood spilling from
her mouth. He must have really hated her. I wish he was real.
I know Christopher Walken is real, but he's 65 and married.
My name is Hessian's Rose or you may call me Emmy.
Tim Burton is the best film director and please excuse me for raving.
Comment 7 by 'caboose' (reply to this comment)
there desperately needs to be a "Supernatural" option.
Comment 8 by 'Lady Van Tassel' (reply to this comment)
Well great review and love the film but I'm confused at certain things.

One, why didn't Mary kill Katrina when she was summoning the horseman, she had the oppurtunity?

Two, Shouldn't Ichabod have tried to help Mary at the end? I mean when you think about it right, he and Katrina go back to New York and either says A) you were all right my inventions are ridiculous or cool smiley There was a killer ghost or C) It was the Lady Van Tassel but she has disappeared randomly.

Three, why does the horseman kill the lil kid in the house?

Not knocking the film at all I really love it, Burton, Depp, Richardson and Ricci are all fab.
Comment 9 by 'Alice' (reply to this comment)
I 100% agree with you. I have a little woods not far from my house, and I REALLY wish that he was real. (when he has a head that is) I really liked the teeth. But most of all, I loved his outfit.I really liked the cape. My favorite part was when the horseman kissed lady van tassel. I am glad that someone else loves the hessian.
Comment 10 by 'christina jane <3z ya!' (reply to this comment)
your not lady vantessel so why call urself that!