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Shallow Grave, David (Christopher Eccleston)

This review is currently in DRAFT form and is subject to change.
Film: Shallow Grave (1994)
Deceased Character: David (Christopher Eccleston)
Archetype: Ambivalent (Major)
Killed by: Juliet (Kerry Fox)
Killed with: Knife
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Written by Old Bluffer 6th Apr 2007

Kindly submitted by Badger

When the three flatmates decided to dispose of Hugo's drug ridden corpse, the short straw fell upon David (Eccleston) to do the dismembering and sawing etc. This, justifiably, has a profound effect on his formerly meek personality and he is soon reduced to living in the attic and drilling holes in the ceiling to 'watch' his friends. The reason he is the attic is that is where he has decided to hide the huge amount of cash they found with Hugo, and that he believes Alex and Juliet mean to steal from him.
He is also becoming increasingly terrifying, especially to poor Alex who knew him when he was just a harmless bespectacled geek.

His decline into a dangerous psychopath continues when two heavies burst into the house looking for Hugo's drug money. These two thugs easily subdue Juliet and smash Alex's shins with a crowbar to encourage him to reveal where the money is hidden.
"It's in the attic!" wails Alex, thinking he's doomed - but he hasn't reckoned on David's new outlook on life, which results in both heavies failing to leave the attic alive.

Juliet is also frightened of the new David, but her greed for the stash of money overrides this. She therefore attempts to ally with him the only way she knows how - by seducing him.
David isn't stupid though - far from it in fact as he sleeps with her without being lulled into losing his distrust of her.

He hasn't turned into a two dimensional killer though, and indeed, when the time comes for him to leave with all of the cash, he attempts to do so quietly. Juliet is too canny for this though and tries to go with him, forcing a showdown where all of the power is with David. He rants and raves at both Juliet and Alex and again tries to leave, but Juliet bars his way with a half smile, trusting in her feminine charms to keep her safe. She's obviously not the minx in bed she thought she was though, as David callously punches her full in the face.
This spurs Alex into uncharacteristic physical action, and he grapples with his friend in outrage.

What follows is a savage melee, with both Alex and Juliet attacking David with their fists, a metal toaster and at one point the fridge door.
David prevails though, and soon has Alex pinned helplessly to the floor. He reaches for a large kitchen knife and plunges it down wih brutal force all the way through Alex's shoulder joint and into the wooden floorboards beneath.
Alex does what any normal person would do in this situation and starts to scream in agony, and David reaches for another knife...

...only to let out his own strangled gasp as Juliet stabs the back of his neck with a small vegetable knife, the tip of which is just long enough to protrude from his Adam's apple.

David slumps to one side, choking on copious amounts of blood and Juliet takes a long, thoughtful look at Alex's agonized face.

Reaching a decision, she gently reassures him that "You did the right thing, but I can't take you with me."
She then coldly hammers the knife handle jutting out of his shoulder far more deeply into the floorboards, each forceful blow eliciting yet more squealing from poor Alex.

The camera pulls back as Juliet leaves with the box of cash, showing a huge pool of blood from David's corpse, and for a moment we think the film might even end.
It is just an effect though, to represent Alex losing consciousness, and when he awakens his house is filled with police and reporters (one of whom keeps photographing him still pinned to the floor by a knife).
Gradually though, Alex realises that his wound isn't fatal and that he's survived the whole horrible ordeal. He begins to laugh, which is somewhat odd given his unenviable position.

His glee becomes clear though as we cut to Juliet in her car, screaming in frustration as she looks at the open box of money, which is actually just filled with bundled up cuttings of Alex's newspapers.
This tells her that the friend whom she betrayed, but actually genuinely liked, was in possession of the money all along.

The aftermath doesn't need to be shown. Alex is rich and will be completely exonerated from all the murders, as he can reasonably put the blame onto David.

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