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Scream 3, Jennifer Jolie (Parker Posey)

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Writeup Rating: 60%
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Film: Scream 3 (2000)
Deceased Character: Jennifer Jolie (Parker Posey)
Archetype: Goody (Minor)
Killed by: Roman Bridger (Scott Foley)
Killed with: Knife

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Written by Mr. Mouseburger 25th Nov 2005

Kindly submitted by Kiwi

At Roman Bridger's house in the big horror finale, Jennifer is chased through the houses secret passages by the killer. She throws a couple of chairs in his path in an attempt to stop him from catching her, but he hardly breaks stride.

She eventually ends up in a large sounds proof wardrobe, which has a two way mirror in it (for some reason). Banging frantically on the mirror, Jennifer tries to get the attention of Dewey and Gail, who are on the other side talking.

Suddenly they hear faint banging coming from the wardrobe, and notice the mirror moving. Dewey shoots at the mirrors one by one, glass shattering with each shot. Behind the mirror, the killer stabs Jennifer in the back and she dies against the mirrors. When Dewey shoots at the mirror Jennifer is behind, she falls out and onto the ground, dead.

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Comment 1 by 'andy the great' (reply to this comment)
you got it a bit wrong. She was stabbed in the back, like you said, but she lived. Then she was spun around, as dewey was shooting the mirrors, and stabbed in the stomach, and fell dead against the mirror as it was shot, and fell through like you said.
Comment 2 by 'Ana Edgar' (reply to this comment)
don't you feel sory fo Jennifer she was so hot.
Comment 3 by 'Ana Edgar' (reply to this comment)
Dont you feel sorry for Jennifer she was cute?
Comment 4 by 'Backman' (reply to this comment)
No offence, but not really.
Comment 5 by 'John' (reply to this comment)
She wasn't at roman's house either it was John Milton's the producers House
Comment 6 by 'Casey M.' (reply to this comment)
she shound't have died, she was the best new character in the movie =)