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Puppet Master, Frank Forrester (Matt Roe)

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Film: Puppet Master (1989)
Deceased Character: Frank Forrester (Matt Roe)
Archetype: Goody (Minor)
Killed by: Leech Woman (Linda Cook)
Killed with: Leech

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Written by Old Bluffer 19th Mar 2009

Written by Mr Briggs Inc

Immediately after the cliched death of Carissa Stamford (q.v.) by the hands (or head rather) of the Tunneler, a second puppet, Leech Woman climbs up the bed to psychic and psychic researcher Frank Forrester (Big MST3K fan, eh David Schmoeller?)

In the middle of a semi-kinky love session before this scene, the doctor is bound by his wrists (maybe legs) to the bedrails and blindfolded, due to his present state, he believes the pale female puppet to be his girlfriend. Leech Woman takes this opportunity to drop a leech on to his stomach, of course, in the throes of passion, as well as in the throes of a horror film, he believes this to be his partner's tongue, however, he is a bit shocked to learn that Carissa has TWO tongues, both of which cause quite a bit of pain!

Writhing in agony, he flips the blindfold off his face to see several leeches crawling out from a small puppet's mouth and onto his unprotected flesh! (not THAT flesh!) This death also bears an eerie resemblence to psychic Alex Whitaker's dream early on in the film.

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This review has 4 comments. Reply to the comments
Comment 1 by 'old bluffer' (reply to this comment)
I'm not clear on how this guy dies. Do the leeches suck him to death?
Comment 2 by 'Mr. Briggs Inc.' (reply to this comment)
Yes indeed (Pre-exsanguination category), not exactly realistic, but veddy fun nonetheless!
Comment 3 by 'Kathryn Fan' (reply to this comment)
I'd love to have been Frank Forrester right up until Carissa left the bed. I would've taken my girl and got the hell out of there.
Comment 4 by 'Bigmanwarrior' (reply to this comment)
You have to remember that these leeches are not only just poisonous but are a lot more powerful than regular leeches. That explains why he actually feels pain from them and yes the leeches kill him, and kill him rather quickly. I have the movie and it says the leeches are deadly.