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Puppet Master, Carissa Stamford (Kathryn O'Reilly)

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Film: Puppet Master (1989)
Deceased Character: Carissa Stamford (Kathryn O'Reilly)
Killed by: Tunneler (Tim Dornberg)
Killed with: Drill

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Written by Old Bluffer 19th Mar 2009

Written by Mr Briggs Inc. Carissa is psychic researcher Frank Forrester's (Does David Shmoeller have Joel Hodgeson as an idol?) assisstant and often sex partner, little is learnt about her, as she is one of the first main characters to die. During a love session with Forrester (in which she has the prof. blindfolded with hands tied to the bedrails) she hears a noise under the bed and promptly makes the classic slasher-movie mistake: IF YOU HEAR A NOISE WHILE MAKING LOVE, RUN!!

Do not continue making love or...
*the killer will drive a sharp object from under the bed

*the killer will appear above you and hack away

Do not check under the bed or...

*Killer will be under the bed DUH!

*Killer will appear behind you!

If you chose "B1" congratulations! the moron looks under the bed not to find a small pet (which probably would have still been able to kill the ditz) but she does find a living puppet with a drill for a head! hooray! Carissa is able to be screwed one last time (not exactly the WAY she would have wanted). As she dies, her bloody hand flops back down on the bedspread, good work Mr. puppets! The next one is all wrapped (tied) up for you!

2 categories : Stabbed, Sex

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This review has 14 comments. Reply to the comments
Comment 1 by 'Mr. Briggs Inc.' (reply to this comment)
I was having a ball writing these up way back when. X) Glad to see they are indeed saved!
Comment 2 by 'Kathryn Fan' (reply to this comment)
Kathryn O'Reilly makes the movie. She's so exquisitely beautiful and sexy! I love how seductive she looks at the table while they're having dinner. The sex scene is very kinky and hot as well. She needed to be in the movie more. I wish she made more movies. What a babe!
Comment 3 by 'Kathryn Fan' (reply to this comment)
I have to add, I don't like how she gets her beautiful face mutilated. WTF!!! Of course it would happen to the prettiest one of all. The director could've had Tunneler drill into her neck or something. Why her face? She's too pretty for that.
Comment 4 by 'Chris Campbell' (reply to this comment)
Just watched this movie again and agree with Kathyrn fan..sad this actress has not done much since....
Comment 5 by 'Chris Campbell' (reply to this comment)
also, agree, she should have untied the lucky dog balding fellow and got the heck out of there....
Comment 6 by 'John P' (reply to this comment)
I watched this movie again and totally agree. Kathryn O'reilly is totally a babe! I got hard just watching her rub lotion on her very sexy legs. The faces she makes when she's having sex is really hot too.
Comment 7 by 'Jordan Crowe' (reply to this comment)
This movie is entertaining to watch and not just because of Kathryn O'Reilly. It's a fun horror film and completely off the wall. I will admit Kathryn O'Reilly is pretty sexy but she doesn't make the movie. I would've enjoyed seeing more of her with less clothing though. Why couldn't she have been completely naked during the sex scene?
Comment 8 by 'Chad P' (reply to this comment)
I don't like how she gets killed and her face messed up either. She is really sexy. Try making horror movies where the sexy girls kill the killer in really painful humiliating ways. Death Proof anyone? The killer got what he deserved. They should've castrated him first. And by the way, yes, Kathryn O'Reilly is the only reason to watch this movie.
Comment 9 by 'Kevin Courser' (reply to this comment)
Chad said it. This woman is pretty damn hot! She's the only reason I would watch it again.
Comment 10 by 'Kevin Courser' (reply to this comment)
Ok so I went back and watched Kathryn's scenes again and I have to agree with all of you. She is incredibly hot! John you're right. She does have some very sexy legs! I would love to be the actor who got to do the love scene with her. He is a lucky dog!
Comment 11 by 'Jason Miller' (reply to this comment)
She is really sexy. If I was Alex I would've brought Carissa back to life at the very end and lived happily ever after with her. After I took her to the best plastic surgeon in the world I'd enjoy having the hottest, kinkiest sex with her every night until the end of time.
Comment 12 by 'Mark Boss' (reply to this comment)
She is is one hot sexy bitch. I'd fuck the shit out of her.
Comment 13 by 'Jordan Crowe' (reply to this comment)
This site is about her movie death you fucking morons! No one cares about how you want to fuck her. Her character who was obviously dumb as shit got killed after being fucked. In a way she was fucked twice. Yeah she's hot but let's talk about how much of a fucking idiot her character was for letting Tunnller drill in to her beautiful face. Sounds like a dumb fucking idiot to me.
Comment 14 by 'Doug Stamps' (reply to this comment)
Honestly.......this movie sucks! The only redeeming quality about it is Carissa. You can tell she was only put there to be the sexy seductive scientist.