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Hawk the Slayer: Sped (Declan Mulholland)

Posted by old bluffer 
Hawk the Slayer: Sped (Declan Mulholland)
June 11, 2005 12:00AM
[bgcolor][/bgcolor][bgcolor=green][/bgcolor]I havethisss film in my colection i guss you might call it a guilty plesure film of mine in that i find it eminitly enjoyable allso the caricterof sped,s death is to me poetic justice for a carecter like him and is expected in fillmes like this all so unlike newer moore recent films of this type the violence is seggested rather than explisit with means the specal effects and lack of gore dount git in the way of the storie this is a mid-evel sowerd and socery flick that is much better done than thouse done in the 1950s my hats off to cast and crew for a job well done[check out the repeting crossbow ] just too thingsi want to know about this fillm 1 is itout on dvd and 2 was thare ever a sequel? thay left it wide open for one.eph
Re: Hawk the Slayer: Sped (Declan Mulholland)
November 04, 2006 01:43AM
I'm impressed you managed to operate your VCR to even see this film.
Anyway, nice comment, eloquently made.

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