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Wisdom: John Wisdom (Emilio Estevez)

Posted by Mr Mouseburger 
Wisdom: John Wisdom (Emilio Estevez)
March 01, 2006 08:57PM
Re: Wisdom: John Wisdom (Emilio Estevez)
March 01, 2006 08:59PM
Thanks for the write up "The Doctor"

i have to say i would feel conned if i watched the film only to find out it was all a dream like that. The original darker ending seemed to fit better with the film (or at least the write up).

I have added in the cheating death category.


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Thanks, Mouseburger.

I don't know if Estevez (who wrote and directed WISDOM) had it end that way in the script or if the studio forced him to tag it on along with the (self-defeating) end narration, but I'm going with the gut and saying it was possibly tacked on. If it see the light of DVD day with an Estevez commentary, we'll probably find out.

I highly reccommend the film, MB. There's some bad dialogue but it's to be expected for someone's second script. Estevez, to me, really hit his stride as writer/director with his second outing as both: MEN AT WORK. WISDOM was unfairly overlooked and deserves to be seen.

That, and the Danny Elfman score kicks major ass.
Re: Wisdom: John Wisdom (Emilio Estevez)
April 19, 2007 04:04PM
Submitted an updated version of the writeup.

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