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American Beauty: Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacey)

Posted by Mr Mouseburger 
I agree and think that Fitz is NOT the killer. This would explain why the wife went up into the bedroom and attempted to hide the gun and her purse in the closet. I believe she killed Lester and immediately regretted it. Also, did anyone else remember Ricky saying something when he saw Lester dead on the table? Didn't he say something about his mother??
It was angela that asked him how he was and he said he never had been asked that before in a long time. I thought his wife shot him but after careful observation to understand who had killed him i took note that carolyn was walking up the patio when u hear the gunshot ring out. Notice the fence behind her as she walks up to the house? Anyway, i was paying more attention to Wes Bentley's backside. Fine, fine ass.
I reckon it could be fitts bt then again i did notice that he was wearing gloves so he could have been there getting the bullet out so evidence doesnt lead to him he did have a gun missing. Might have to examine that cabinet closely at the guns when rick shows jane the plate. Then again, i was more transfixed on Wes Bentley's toned backside! smiling smiley
No, it was lester than said his own life was just for cover up, not saying col. fitts life was
There were too many opinions to read on the matter. The gun shooting Lester is the same in both Carolyn's purse and Frank's gun rack (may be mistaken). But, someone said Carolyn walked into the kitchen, horrified at her husband's dead body, when she was actually in the bedroom, meaning she could've been disgusted with her own actions. It's pointless to even write about... just wanted to say.. i think the colonel is gay. i think carolyn shot her own husband, and i think the blood on frank's clothes is coming from his own wife's body, after the life long truth about his own homosexuality has been confronted. Think he offed his wife, and also think that's why ricky says to his mom at the end, "i wish there could've been better for you."
When they show the scenes after lester's shooting, they show each of the characters and what they are doing when the shot is fired. Lester's wife is outside in the rain, when a faint gunshot can be heard. So it could not have been her
i think it was fitts the blood says it all why else would he have that blood on him he would nt go and take the bullet out of his head to cover up because it would have been more hassel for him with all the blood on his t shirt in the first place fitts defently but what a great film but would have been good if lester didnt die tho would have been hard to carry on the story line after all that had happend
The film CLEARLY depicts Fitts as the killer. And it clearly depicts the reason being that he was a closet homosexual who was afraid of being outed because he's ashamed of himself.
Fitzz is the killer. Around the scene where we see fitts covered in blood there is a shot of the gun cabinet with a pistol missing. rewind to where rikki is showing off his dads Nazi plate and you will see that the missing gun is the same as carrols which is the one brought up to the back of lesters head when he is shot. Brilliant movie...[expletives deleted - OB] who think you could end it better. You missed the whole point.

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i cant believe any of you think it was anyone but col fits who shot him? seriously were you not watching the film!! it didnt in anyway imply carolyn shot lester, or that col fits shot his wife! Carolyn holding the gun represented her break down and idea that the gun gave her power, yes it was meant to give an impression originaly that she could be the killer, but this is only to keep us guessing as viewers. And col fits shooting his wife?? she doesnt cause him any threat so why would he shoot her, col fits shot lester to cover up his homosexuality because to him it is a sin. Col fits lived his whole life labelling 'gays' as being against nature etc, so when he finaly came out of denial only to be rejected by lester he shot lester. He did this to stop lester from telling anyone and also to try and rid his own shame.

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