Englis, ey? Is it like Engrish? winking smiley

Good to see you, MB! I was wondering where you'd got to.

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hehe, thanks Matt - i think in light of the new found fame we have to add a few more fresh deaths onto the site.

Alas, that is a problem with the limited character field, it was never envisaged such a long name would be entered into that field - mind you, we never thought of needing to include two actors voices into it, it is not a normal situation. Hopefully our overwirked and underpaid code bunnies can sort something out.
It may become common if there are lots of anime titles, where the films are dubbed over with big name Hollywood actors.

And, of course, there is that bizzare Death Vader situation (one for acting, one for voice and one for unmasked (and if you count the 2004 SE, one for the spirit too) - it's just too damn hard!).

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"Offscreen Killing"?

Bruno! Yes, yes, Lovely to hear from you too! No, no, ze vitness? Do not worry! I haff taken care of ze vitness. Yes, yes. Shoot him? What, ar-are you stupid? No, no I am not going to blow ze plane up! I... haff put snakes... on ze plane.
There are, unfortunately, too many works with the title "Warriors in the Wind," but as this marks one of the few times a movie has been redubbed into English TWICE, you're actually missing one name. Unfortunately hard to find info on the first iteration, I shall have to dig out my copy later and watch the ending credits for the missing name.

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