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I Know What You Did Last Summer: Helen Shivers (Sarah Michelle Gellar)

Posted by Mr Mouseburger 
I Know What You Did Last Summer: Helen Shivers (Sarah Michelle Gellar)
November 15, 2005 12:00AM
I think that you should add Chase, seeing as how Fisherman/Ben Willis was indeed CHASING Helen just before her death, and she was indeed trying to get the fuck AWAY from him! So does this not indeed suffice for Chase? Also, I don't see how this accounts for One-On-One. Helen didn't hit Ben, he kept trying to slash and kill her while she tried to get away. And did I mention not only did he stab her with his hook at the end, but also slashed her? So Slashed should qualify? And what about the fact she was screaming and it was not a quick death by any means? Torture? And one more thing, too, Ben Willis was more than just being a killer, he wanted to pay her and the others back for running his ass over. Revenge, perchance? Sheesh, sometimes, no offense, you people can be SO lacking. Man!
Revenge and Chase are no-brainers guys. Being that it is the only decent scene in the flick, most people talk about "the SMG chase scene". Also, slash is as relevant if not more so than stab because that is clearly what it looks like was happening. Though when her body turns up on the boat there isn't a scratch... weak editing! I dunno about torture but I'd keep the one-on-one because she was fighting to survive once he caught up - she blocked, swung and grabbed at him during the final battle in the tire stack.
Re: I Know What You Did Last Summer: Helen Shivers (Sarah Michelle Gellar)
March 24, 2007 11:18PM
Good point Alison, it has been amendedgrinning smiley
Actually, Alex, I'm confused as to why you said they said they should add chase for a category seeing as it was already a category and I agree that it was one on one and also they couldnt see any stab wounds on her body when it was discovered because her corpse was buried from the neck down and the wounds were on her body so you couldnt see the wounds
I know, Chris, her corpse was buried from the waist down and you couldn't see any but when I was watching the movie, the way Ben moved his hook made it evident, at least to me, he was not only slashing her, but also chunking it into her body, and
last time I checked, that qualified for "Stabbed" Watch it closer and you'll see what I mean. That's why I added that. Additionally, I said it wasn't one on one because she didn't fight him, she ran from him. When I said they already had Chase I meant they should add it because this was obviously a chase. All you say is true, but these facts you just read show why I went into the rant I did. If you are still confused about anything, speak up and I'll explain that, as well. Good day.
Im confused as to why you think the chase\death scene of Helen is the only decent thing in the film when it is so not. Everything about this movie rocks from the plot to the characters to the killer who is quite creepy and the kill scenes are decent (not actually really bloody but horror movies arent all about bloody and gory deaths) and the film is quite suspenseful which i like from the opening scene to the ending. And the reason you couldnt see a scratch on her body when it was discovered is because her body was buried from the neck down in ice so exactly how are you supposed to see any bodily wounds (no brainer there). And I agree the death of Helen is decent but still not the only decent thing and her murder upset me because i really enjoyed her character and when she was hauling ass through the alleyways i actually thought she would get away but she was dumb enough to stop and look behind her when safety was right in front of her. But oh well they usually always kill the hot girls even though i dont know why. but yes this is a awesome film and ill always love it because before i saw this film at the age of 12 i had hated horror movies cuz they scared me shitless and i was led into beliveing that they were real but when i saw Last Summer i loved it becuase it was a little scary but mainly suspenseful and awesome characters
I agree with you Alison. Also I belive that Ironic should be a catagorey for the death because Helen, Julie, Ray, and Barry thought they would be safer if they hid the body in the water where they would have been safer had they gone to the police and had they done so they would not have been stalked and cut down one by one so it is pretty ironic but they didnt add that as a catagorey.
Re: I Know What You Did Last Summer: Helen Shivers (Sarah Michelle Gellar)
December 28, 2007 01:55AM
I think she should be more of Ambivalentbecause they didn't report to the police, thus making them terrible people.

The name's Bond, James Bond.

i disagree Bob they were only trying to save their future but i agree they should of gone to the police but they were only teens who had just graduated they didnt wanna go to jail.......what would u have done were u in a situation like that.....seriously


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