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Braveheart: William Wallace (Mel Gibson)

Posted by old bluffer 
Oh, by the way, William Wallace did NOT execute women and children, he let them go.

Edward I, however (or/and) his soldiers did. He actually watched whilst a woman who was giving birth was hacked to death in the middle of it! After seeing that, Edward finally stopped the sack of Berwick. A group of 30 Flemish craftsmen took shelter in the Guildhall, at that time called the Red Hall, and Edward had it burned with them inside. The siege of Berwick lasted 3 days. The governor of Berwick, Sir William Douglas, surrended because he was appalled at the level of violence that his citizens were subjected to.
This comment:

"Its people like you that give all of us a bad name throughout the world, this is why Americans are classed as the stupidest most uncultured people on earth."

lends to the fact that YOU are one of the most uncultured people on Earth. Do you even know what the word "cultured" means? I actually was rather taken and impressed by what you had to say until the aforesaid asinine comment. Just because Americans have Hollywood and Blockbuster doesnt mean everyone in the goddamned country thinks that way. If we, as individuals, were to view other individuals from other countries according to their leaders I would say you are in the same boat that you class Americans in, due to your *lovely* Tony Blaire, thank you very much.
As for the person who posted about how Americans are the stupidest whatever, look at your misspellings before you post! Don't be upset just because the West of your pond owned your ancestors back in 1776. Get over it! You remind me of that British celebrity from iCarly who hates everything American.

As for being drawn, I believe that the method starts "down there" and moves to the neck before harvesting the insides, rather than from the throat to southbound. This grisly form of punishment happens to some other people beyond British and Scottish. Slaves from Africa or America, Native Americans, religious figures, etc. I remember reading one American History textbook back in high school, and compared it with my brother's and cousins' other History textbooks. Unlike their textbooks before, this one textbook has articles of slaves in America being quartered, and I wanted to believe that it must have something to do with the quartering of homes from troops or something. The book only described it as a gruesome form of punishment. I also remember that a few slaves had preferred that punishment over being burned alive, which to them was more painful. And probably less erection-causing, as one poster stated.

I agree that there should have been some blood, at least half a pint "down" from Mel's body during his facial reaction from the camera above. I'm no bloodthirsty goreaholic, but I think that his portrayal of Wallace's death was enough for me to take. Though, there may have been inaccuracies to suit Hollywood's standards, I believe that it is essential to portray a long-gone historical event, especially when one who was considered or portrayed as some hero. It is more suitable than trying to portray a recent event while some goreaholics expecting to see more blood and gore talk about it like it's some video game just because, to them, looks so "awesome". This is why I don't like movies like World Trade Center. Or any war movies that portray a recent war event. This is no game. I wait for some people to come home safe from Iraq or Afghanistan. I don't believe that all Americans are "uncultured" or "stupid" just because of a few bloodthirsty goreaholics who want to see real events glamourized in a gory fashion.
I think you mean popcorn not pocorn and lighten up it was just a movie I think it's funny that people like you who try to tell us all these facts are wrong alot instead of sitting on your arse Reading and complaining you should find a sense of humour I don't think you will find one in a book
old bluffer Wrote:
> Does "dismemberment" cover "decapitation"?
> No, so if it is implied that his head is removed
> we need to add decapitation too.
> If he was going to be hung drawn and quartered
> then that would qualify, but I don't recall any
> hanging...?
No, but William Wallace was dismembered and decapitated. Lets get something straight that I've noticed. His body was sent to four areas around the southern part of Scotland. To say the four corners of Britian is not really true. This was a warning to Scotland. Edward 1 hated Scots. He did feel "the only good Scot is a dead one".
I think Americans (North and South) are smart enough to figure that one out wise guy.
Your a little thick.
May 01, 2011 04:58AM
Why wasn't there much blood?
Ill tell you.
You know the long handed sithe thing with the hook at the end that is shown multiple times? Its to let you know that his bowels were extracted through his anus, which would explain the lack of spraying blood.
lol I totally agree with you on the death scene and did anyone really like the Passion of the Crist :thumbsdown:
In regards to the makeup artists "forgetting" to add sweat to his face, it's actually more realistic that he DOESN'T have sweat. Once your body is dehydrated (which his body most likely is) it will stop producing sweat. If anything, this was a very intelligent choice by the makeup dept.

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