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Return of the King, The: Denethor (John Noble)

Posted by Mr Mouseburger 
Return of the King, The: Denethor (John Noble)
April 14, 2006 02:08AM
Re: Return of the King, The: Denethor (John Noble)
June 01, 2006 06:49PM
how come he's not a good guy?he should count as Goody (Minor).not Baddy (Minor) or Ambivalent (Minor)!
EXACTLY! Denethor was NOT evil. His plan for saving the world was only different than that of the heroes of the story. From Denethor's perspective, two hobbits waltzing into Mordor with the Ring was doomed to fail, and in real life, it may very well have. The fact that he stood up for what he believed in, does not give anyone the right to be label him as "Baddy".
Re: Return of the King, The: Denethor (John Noble)
June 06, 2006 11:50PM
he has not been labelled a baddy - he is ambivalent (minor).

Denethor did not hinder things because he thought what he was doing was right. What is not explained in the film is that Denethor is driven mad by endless visions (from Sauron) of Mordor's might as seen through a palantir. This combined with the death of his son (Boromir) turn him insane, to the point where he almost kills Faramir too.

He is not a baddy as such, but he is certainly not a goody!
Re: Return of the King, The: Denethor (John Noble)
June 25, 2006 06:53PM
A tiny typo - Ian McKellen.
Re: Return of the King, The: Denethor (John Noble)
October 15, 2006 03:57PM
Heh, this death was so funny. Its not everyday you see a guy, body completely aflame, running out of his palace, screaming obsenities, and then falling to his death.
Animal? Shadowfax kicked him into the fire after all.
Re: Return of the King, The: Denethor (John Noble)
March 03, 2009 07:30PM
This is like a bad burlesque scene. In the novel, his death is terrific and leaves you with fear and respect. In the movie, you most likely spit your popcorn off laughing. They left him with NO DIGNITY. And the character is badly played in general. Without the palantir, no one can understand it...
That long running was just... :wall:
I think that Denethor would qualify for a Baddy since while insanity doesn't truly do that, he did show that he cares more about himself than anyone else (sans Boromir). For example he nearly killed Pippin after the Hobbit stopped Denethor from killing his son for next-to-no reason. Another reason why I think he's a villain is that he is one of the primary antagonists of the story (the others being Sauron, Gollum, the Witch-King of Angmar and Lieutenant Gothmog as well as Saruman on the Extended Edition).

Also doesn't anyone else think that the word Lord should be inputted into the title. Because throughout the film, many of Denethor's underlings (specifically Irolas, one of the monks and at one point Faramir) do call him "Lord Denethor".
I agree that he should be credited as Lord Denethor, but I do think Ambivalent (Minor) is the most suitable archetype for him since he's practically a villain but not quite (or at least, not on the same level as the other villains in the film). I also agree that 'Animal' should be added to the list.


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