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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: Walter Donovan (Julian Glover)

Posted by Mr Mouseburger 
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: Walter Donovan (Julian Glover)
June 29, 2005 12:00AM
You fail to note that Elsa quite obviously deliberately gave Donovan the wrong cup. For one, the camera shoots a shot at a knowing Elsa as Donovan has his first convulsion. And when helping Indiana find the real Grail, she says unprompted, "It would not be made of gold."
Re: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: Walter Donovan (Julian Glover)
February 08, 2006 12:14AM
Hi Jonah, I am not sure i agree with you, it is an interesting theory though.

If she was actaully trying to kill Donovan, which would be incredibly callous to say the least, then why did she wait until now to help Jones? Also, why did she completely disregard the knights warning about not taking the cup beyond the great seal too??

In my opinion, i just think she was a poor archaeologist. She couldn't even find the knights tomb in Venice without the help of Henry and then Indy.

I think that "it would not be made of gold" comment was Elsa having a blonde moment winking smiley

What do other people think??

This may be an example of "old age" that isn't dull, boring and sad. One of the only ones in cinema history may I add!
I may just be whining but I believe my post was pushed down by other topics before anyone had a chance to read it, I don't mean to complain, I just believe that I have a point about the old age thing, seeing that old age is a bit of a new category and that mouseburger or bluffer usually at least responds to a category request even if they don't accept it.
Re: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: Walter Donovan (Julian Glover)
February 27, 2006 10:38PM
thanks for the point Mr Briggs inc. - i see what you mean about it being old age, and it is certainly not a dull old age death either!! grinning smiley

I think i will add the old age category to the death as he is indeed dying of extreme rapid aging.

Yeah,even his CLOTHES were aged into ancient rags by the False Grail.
However,is this the death that is meeted out by EVERY False Grail,or does each one have a different effect on the blasphemer in question?
Like for instance,Donovan's Grail took his life by basically ''fast-forwarding'' him to the state he would be in in 800 years.
So,what would one of the others do,do you think?
Kill him by regressing[youthening] him past the point of birth?
The possibilities are as many as there were ''grails'' in the temple.
Re: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: Walter Donovan (Julian Glover)
April 22, 2006 07:56PM
heh Don,

that is an interesting point - it would have been fun if they shot different false grail drinking sequences with Donovan being destroyed in a variety of entertaining ways. Alas though, the film was shot before the days of DVD extras!! grinning smiley

I would like to have seen one regress him too - i think something similar happens in an episode of futurama doesnt it?
You mean the fountain of aging one? Perhaps you should turn "Old Age" into just "Age" seeing as someone could suffer a fate worse than death, PRE-LIFE! Now, I'm pretty sure that the other grails had the same effects seeing as how the promise of the true grail is eternal youth after all.

p.s. Doesn't he look just like Christopher Lloyd in one of those pictures?
This show had the exact opposite put into play.

Character: Mad scientist,
Character: Sexy immortal woman,
Killing Object: Her blood
Rating: 75%
Categories: Age.
Description:Extremely graphic rejuvenation.
Well,I don't remember the year that this episode was made,but it was very well done and really takes the erotic element OUT of being rejuvenated.
It was an episode of the new Outer Limits called ''Last Supper''.and it detailed the interaction of a WW II soldier and an immortal woman that he helps to escape from a Government research facility.

Apparently ,she had been tracked and captured by this one scientist and he was trying to find out why she hadn't aged in over 500 years.
He injected lab mice with her blood and they stayed the same age as they were for over 30 years.
but then the soldier helps her to break out and in the process the lab gets destroyed,burning the scientist horribly.
She disappears,only to turn up 20 years later as the soldier's son's fiancee',with the scientist hot on her heels.

After a few heated run-ins,the scientist foolishly injects himself with her blood,immediately healing all of his burn damage.
But it doesn't stop at that,as he becomes noticeably younger,moment by moment,his clothes beginning to hang off of his diminishing frame.
He continues to rejuvenate,the effects accelerating,with him getting even ytounger and smaller,by this time his age is somewhere around mid-puberty.however it keeps making him even younger,taking him past childhood and into infancy.Further back he goes and by the time the sequence is done his form collapses inward on itself,and he further regresses into a fetus,then----
Well you can infer the rest......

Kind of makes you think twice about these age-regression fantasies ;
You might go too far back.....


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