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Battle Royale: Kazuo Kiriyama (Masanobu Ando)

Posted by Mr Mouseburger 
Battle Royale: Kazuo Kiriyama (Masanobu Ando)
March 31, 2006 11:55AM
How exactly was it a duel? One on One seems more fitting.
Forgot Explosion, since it was the explosion of the rigged collar that ultimately did him in.
Re: Battle Royale: Kazuo Kiriyama (Masanobu Ando)
May 17, 2006 05:16AM
so both Shogo Kowada abd Kazuo Kiriyama annihilated each other right?
Mr. Briggs Incorporated
Re: Battle Royale: Kazuo Kiriyama (Masanobu Ando)
May 21, 2006 03:03PM
How about "Decapitation" as his head was completely obliterated.
Shogo killed Kiriyama and died of wounds inflicted in the fight at the end of the movie, if I remember correctly.
Meh, it was an ok death. At least he got his eyes melted out.
Man when I started watching the movie I thought he would end up winning and killing everyone.....I almost cried when he died... >>
Most unsatisfying death EVER.

Such a badass character, his death should have been way more epic! Like the fight he had between him and Mitsuko.


'least it wasn't as cheesy as his manga death..."Shu...I can feel again!" *smiles and dies happy*
In the book his death is much more satisfying, and fun. Well..Not really satisfying...Kiriyama-kun was my favorite character. In the book he dies after a fun little car chase. grinning smiley

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