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Movie with the most dead actors in its credit....?

Posted by Belltower 
Movie with the most dead actors in its credit....?
January 31, 2012 01:21AM
Me and my girl were looking at movies on IMDB and saw that the short Morella by Edgar Allen Poe is being made into a movie. I was looking at the credits and it lists Tony Curtis and Rudolph Valentino as actors. Curtis died in 2010 and Valentino died in 1926. I know that movies need to list an actor if they receive screen time so it poses this question:

What movie has the most dead actors listed in its credits? Whether they died during filming or previously

If this has been discussed before can someone point me in the right direction as this is my first visit to the site and first post. It seemed like the right place to ask.

side note:
Edgar Allen Poe has writing credits for 251 movies
Chris Farley appeared in 2 movies after his death

Morella (2013) - 2 ( Curtis, Valentino - Actors)
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus - 1 (Ledger, Actor)
The Crow (1994) - 1 (Lee - Actor)

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