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Why don't they make...

Which films do you think are crying out to be made (or remade)? Please note, one line, poorly written posts will be deleted - this is an "articles" forum, so you need to make a reasonable case for why the film needs to be made. 
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En rentrant chez moi heureux

by Wandgehe
48107/01/2014 09:21AM
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Nike Air Max shoes of the style come in plain white

by najya
380101/10/2014 02:42AM
Last Post by najya

Aktivitäten Nike Free -Schuhe entworfen, um erstellt, um bieten Vorteile Präzision.

by ujjwala
125101/08/2014 05:41AM
Last Post by ujjwala

Wise decision for getting Nike Free shoes by professionals

by gretchen
747108/30/2013 09:28AM
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NIKE FREE Schuhe oder Stiefel Zubehör zu helfen feet

by petert
425108/28/2013 07:25AM
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Die gemeinsamen Angebote der Nike Air Max

by airl
261108/27/2013 07:16AM
Last Post by airl

Erhöhung nach oben betrieben nike Release Nike Schuhe

by Talpos
478107/11/2013 10:30AM
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The Nike Air Max 2013 Australia Capabilities

by verriy
1,114106/07/2013 07:32AM
Last Post by verriy

Do they make these anymore?

by Mr. Briggs Inc.
3,417601/09/2013 03:56AM
Last Post by canno

A remake of "The Abominable Dr. Phibes"

by stevesk0011
2,735201/09/2013 03:55AM
Last Post by canno

City starts first electric bus route

by moonkaap
597112/22/2012 04:11AM
Last Post by moonkaap

times per week, to invigorate the kidney yang yin essence

by perfectlover
556111/02/2012 07:16AM
Last Post by perfectlover

Time to Reboot Robocop

by Cyberkedi
3,791509/17/2012 05:02AM
Last Post by mengxiang 1

:teacher:They should make a Hannibal King movie.

by Tylergoth
2,055203/21/2012 05:50AM
Last Post by losertli

A Harold Lloyd Biopic.

by stevesk0011
2,091107/28/2009 03:00AM
Last Post by stevesk0011

Plan 9 From Outer Space

by fireflyfellow
2,617207/28/2009 02:49AM
Last Post by stevesk0011


by Lady Elenora
2,294606/10/2009 11:58PM
Last Post by old bluffer

jaws remake?

by libbylishus
2,329206/10/2009 05:28PM
Last Post by old bluffer

Bridge Over the River Kwai

by Jon Bailey
2,571108/06/2008 05:52PM
Last Post by Jon Bailey

Let's Remake Dr. Strangelove!

by Mr. Blofeld
3,796210/08/2007 11:08AM
Last Post by Matt