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My Bloody Valentine, Selene (Selene Luna)

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Film: My Bloody Valentine (2009)
Deceased Character: Selene (Selene Luna)
Archetype: Innocent Bystander
Killed by: Tom Hanniger (Jensen Ackles)
Killed with: Pickaxe

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Written by Old Bluffer 5th Feb 2009

(this death is part of a series of three in close succession, so please read the first one, well, first) 

As we have seen in the last scene, Irene is completely naked and being chased by a freak in full mining gear, armed with a pickaxe, which she has just seen smash through the head of her ex-boyfriend.

What follows lacks any subtlety or originality, but is still done quite well.

She makes it back to the motel and finds a room, but there is no escape so all she can do is hide under the bed and lay there, in sheer terror.

This allows the killer to take his time, breathing heavily through his miner's mask, like a blue-collar Darth Vader.

It seems inevitable that he will soon discover her, but she is given a momentary reprieve by the motel's owner, Selene - a busty dwarf who seems to know only too well what her clientele use the premises for, so adopts more the manner of a brothel madam than a hotelier.

Selene is looking for her pet pug, and blunders helplessly into the pickaxe wielding killer. She barely has time to register fear before she is hit with an upwards blow, which her slight frame barely slows at all.  She is left impaled to the ceiling by the tool, which is a very cheap bit of comedy horror, but still left Mouseburger and I grinning - we are I am afraid, Bad People...

Irene has already seen one gruesome killing mere moments before, so you'd think she'd perhaps be a bit more desensitised now, but no, she still foolishly lets our a gasp of terror, alerting the psycho to her hiding place. Slowly, ever so slowly, he bends down and his headtorch shines upon her naked and utterly vulnerable form...

2 categories : Impalement, Stabbed

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