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My Bloody Valentine, Frank the Trucker (Todd Farmer)

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Film: My Bloody Valentine (2009)
Deceased Character: Frank the Trucker (Todd Farmer)
Archetype: Ambivalent (Minor)
Killed by: Tom Hanniger (Jensen Ackles)
Killed with: Pickaxe

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Written by Old Bluffer 5th Feb 2009

I'm not going to dwell on the plot of this film for this review, as it's not too important (I might summarise it in a follow up, this film is not short of killings after all). All you really need to know is that there is a psychopathic murderer loose in a small mining town, and he is brutally killing copious amounts of people using a pickaxe, wearing an old fashioned mining suit, complete with breathing apparatus.

This of course fulfils most of the requirements of a classic "slasher" villain, but my far-too-analytical mind does always wonder why equipping a murderer with all this superfluous paraphernalia is supposed to make them more scary.  On balance, I'd far rather be chased by someone weighed down with heavy mining boots, restrictive overalls and massively reduced peripheral vision than some guy in a tracksuit and jogging shoes.
Still, I can't dispute that would look less menacing on the big screen.

The other thing you need to know is that this movie is shot in glorious "Real-D", and the effect is rather impressive. Again though, I'll leave off commenting too much on this now, as for this particular death the 3D isn't used too much.

Irene actually appears right at the start of the film as the girlfriend of the guy who eventually becomes the town sheriff, tasked with fining the serial killer.  Ten years later we see (and hear) her in a seedy motel having loud and enthusiastic sex with a bald trucker called Frank. It is fair to say that Irene is not shy, and as she rides her soon-to-be-dead lowlife lover she caresses her own breasts and admires herself in the mirror.
What she doesn't notice until it is too late though, is that Frank has been filming her exertions, which is a step too far.
He makes a token attempt to mollify her by saying the tape is for his own personal use only, and when that doesn't work, offers to pay her.
"I am not a hooker!" she hisses at him.
He has grown bored by this point though, and contemptuously tosses her a bill of indeterminate (but presumably low) value.
"You are now" he says dismissively, and heads off to his truck.

Irene has some spirit though and, armed with a tiny little handgun, she strides after him into the the parking lot, completely and gratuitously naked, to get him to give up the naughty video tape he has just made.
Baldy Frank is halted as he is about to get into his truck, and has to deal with what he no doubt sees as yet more crap from the woman. He sneers at the gun, telling her he knows it isn't loaded, and in frustration she hurls it at him, striking him nicely in the face.  This stings a bit, but as it is such a tiny weapon doesn't really do much harm.
It causes enough of a distraction though that he is taken completely by surprise when a pickaxe is swung from inside the truck cab and punches straight into his bald head. The pick handle is then brutally slammed down, levering open his cranium like a teaspoon in a soft boiled egg.
Frank falls to the tarmac, dropping the camcorder at the same time.  For some reason this is still filming, so we see more naked Irene in the viewfinder, as she turns and flees.

The psychopath of course follows her...

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