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Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Sir Bors (Terry Gilliam)

Site Rating: 82%
(ratings: 6)
Writeup Rating: 65%
(ratings: 4)
Film: Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)
Deceased Character: Sir Bors (Terry Gilliam)
Archetype: Goody (Minor)
Killed by: Rabbit or Caerbannog
Killed with: huge, sharp, pointy teeth

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Written by Mr. Mouseburger 4th Mar 2006

Kindly submitted by Pyro

Upon reaching the Cave Of Caerbannog, where the directions to the Holy Grail is to be found, King Arthur and his men prepare to enter before a deadly creature Tim the Enchanter warns them of can show up.

"Too late!" Tim warns as he sees it coming! Arthur and his knights look around in terror, expecting to see a horrible monster. However, all that arrives is a small, adorable white rabbit. Despite Tim's warnings that this rabbit is the very creature he's talking about and is far deadlier then it looks, Arthur isn't buying it and proceeds to send one of his knights, Sir Bors, to just kill the thing.

Sir Robin regrets soiling his armour over such a cute rabbit

"One rabbit stew coming right up!" Sir Bors assures the others and, sword drawn, he approaches the innocent-looking rabbit. This proves a fatal mistake for him, as the rabbit suddenly lunges for the knight's throat. Sir Bors only has enough time to manage one last blood-curdling scream as the rabbit tears his head from his shoulders.

Sir Robin soils his armour again....

2 categories : Decapitation, Animal

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Comment 1 by 'pk' (reply to this comment)
My favourite character in the entire film was that little bunny. He's so cute, *and* he's a killing machine. The perfect pet.