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Mitchell, James Arthur Cummings (Martin Balsam)

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Writeup Rating: 70%
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Film: Mitchell (1975)
Deceased Character: James Arthur Cummings (Martin Balsam)
Archetype: Baddy (Major)
Killed by: Mitchell (Joe Don Baker)
Killed with: Rifle

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Written by Mr. Mouseburger 15th Apr 2006

Kindly submitted by Kooshmeister
Kindly submitted by Mr. Briggs Inc.

James Arthur Cummings is a wealthy man who specializes in the import and export of stolen merchandise and has ties to the mob. Following a multitude of double-crosses, particularly of his Mafioso benefactor Tony Gallano's cousin Salvatore Mistretta, Cummings is on his cabin cruiser en route to Mexico when slobbish, plainclothes police officer, Mitchell, decides to drop in for a visit via a helicopter.

Cummings hides below decks while Mitchell dukes it out with his butler Benton, but after Mitchell kills Benton, Cummings attempts to make a deal with Mitchell. Or so he says. He offers to split some of the stolen heroin with Mitchell, throwing it and his pistol out onto the deck as a show of good faith. However, what Mitchell does not know - or, at least, what Cummings thinks Mitchell does not know - is that Cummings actually has a second pistol concealed behind his back.

Cummings ventures out on deck with the spare pistol, not suspecting that Mitchell is standing on a higher deck above him with Benton's assault rifle, and can therefore see the poorly hidden gun behind Cummings' back. Mitchell waits until Cummings turns and looks up at him, and then lets him have it. A single shot from the rifle plants a bullet right in Cummings' forehead, ending his life.

3 categories : Unsatisfying, Head Shot, Contrived Self-Defence

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Comment 1 by 'Mr. Briggs Incorporated' (reply to this comment)
Doesn't the killer in "Contrived Self-Defense" have to be ready to spare the victim before he kills him, Baker just shoots Cummings.

I think in an "Unsatisfying" case, you have to want a better death for the victim, I personally really didn't care what happened to Cummings, or this movie itself for that matter.

The only really unsatisfying thing, is that Mitchell really didn't have to be a pig the rest of his life, he was given a chance to live the good life and turns it down. Mitchell is definitely not an incorruptible knight-in-shining-armor good guy, but he did resist the temptation to throw his crappy life away for a new one, all in the name of the law. He not only throws his only chance at a cushy retirement away, but then goes on to arrest the only woman who ever truly loved him! Everyone says that this is a bad movie, but behind the MST riffs, it really did have a dreary element to it. A somewhat sad ending, but in a satisfying way.

Story of my life...

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Children on a sunny day
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Every day I find,
Life is still on my mind...