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Mission: Impossible, Jim Phelps (Jon Voight)

Site Rating: 65%
(ratings: 4)
Writeup Rating: 90%
(ratings: 4)
Film: Mission: Impossible (1996)
Deceased Character: Jim Phelps (Jon Voight)
Archetype: Baddy (Major)
Killed by: Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise)
Killed with: Exploding chewing gum

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Written by Mr. Mouseburger 11th Mar 2007

Kindly submitted by Mad Movie Mathew

That Ethan Hunt, eh? He's a tricky one. Jim Phelps has just discovered that, as Ethan has just cleared his own name and exposed the real IMF traitor (Jim) at the same time. How? With a handy pair of glasses that contain a tiny camera inside, showing Kittridge (who is in one of the other carriages on the train) the image of the thought-to-be-dead Phelps, looking very much alive. This leaves Phelps in a rage, and he kills his wife, Claire (q.v.) , before climbing out onto the roof of the train to escape by helicopter.

Ethan follows him and the pair fight on top of the train as Phelps tries to connect himself to the getaway helicopter (piloted by Krieger, who we know must be a traitor, because he's French - Hollywood is so subtle with its stereotypes) via a hook dangling from the helicopter. Ethan has exploited this and connects the helicopter to the train, forcing Krieger to steer it inside the channel tunnel (making him a better pilot than Durant (q.v.) in Darkman).

The fight continues and Phelps manages to crawl up and disconnect the hook, before sliding down the rear end nose of the train. We see Ethan, who has been kicked onto the side of the train, trying to grab one the magnetic cups that Phelps had been using to avoid being made mince-meat by an oncoming train. He eventually gets up onto the top to see Phelps trying the grab the foot of the helicopter.

Hunt slides down to the nose just as Phelps moves onto the foot. Krieger then tries to show off his piloting skills by tilting forward and trying to slice Ethan's head off with the helicopter blades, but his cockiness is unfounded as he hits the ceiling, putting an end to that game.

It does however give Ethan an opportunity to jump onto the helicopter, and he does not look this gift horse in the mouth and he leaps onto the other foot of the plane, produces some of the chewing gum explosive that was shown earlier in the film. Ethan mashes it together, telling Phelps "red light, green light!" Ethan presses it into the front window of the helicopter before jumping off. Phelps makes a futile attempt to remove it, and ends up being on the underside of the foot.

The gum explodes, killing Krieger, and the blast fortunately propels Hunt onto the back of the train, instead of killing him with shrapnel. The fiery ball of metal, that was once a helicopter falls and crushes Phelps into the train tracks (complete with CGI Voight reacting somewhat surprised), before exploding again.

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Another one crossed off the list! Hurray!

And thanks for improving the write-up a bit.