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YearDeathVisitor RatingViewsWriteup RatingCategoriesUpdated
Tamara Riley
73%462087%'Resurrection' icon 'Accidental' icon 'Bludgeoning' icon31st May 2008
Sergeant Ricco
55%320170%'Execution' icon 'Energy Weapon' icon31st May 2008
2004Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, The
Esteban du Plantier
 2370 'Animal' icon 'Devoured' icon 'Offscreen Killing' icon31st May 2008
1976Omen, The
Keith Jennings
93%522060%'Decapitation' icon 'Prophecy' icon 'Wrath of the Gods' icon31st May 2008
1999World is not Enough, The
Mr Bullion
50%248360%'Betrayal' icon 'Shot' icon 'Former Friends' icon31st May 2008
1990Edward Scissorhands
The Inventor
40%701473%'Old Age' icon31st May 2008
1963From Russia With Love
33%249653%'Falling' icon 'Shot' icon31st May 2008
Deel Munn
 266060%'Stabbed' icon 'Family' icon31st May 2008
1988Without A Clue
Professor James Moriarty
 3188100%'Explosion' icon 'Chase' icon31st May 2008
1994Pulp Fiction
76%705133%'Head Shot' icon 'Accidental' icon31st May 2008
1987Lost Boys, The
75%212760%'One on One' icon 'Impalement' icon31st May 2008
1982Alone in the Dark
Bicycle messenger
 2975 'Run Over' icon 'False Alarm' icon 'Chase' icon31st May 2008
1968Blood Beast Terror, The
Frederick Britewell
25%156160%'Monster' icon31st May 2008
1962Dr. No
Professor Dent
43%254067%'Shot' icon31st May 2008
1966Island of Terror
15%200267%'Unsatisfying' icon 'Monster' icon 'Acid' icon31st May 2008
1992Universal Soldier
Andrew Scott / GR13
63%489460%'One on One' icon 'Impalement' icon 'Martial Arts' icon 'Dismemberment' icon 'Machinery' icon31st May 2008
1941Citizen Kane
Charles Foster Kane
 2595 'Old Age' icon30th May 2008
1980Fog, The
Dan O'Bannon
67%224787%'Vanishing Corpse' icon 'Strangulation' icon 'Prophecy' icon30th May 2008
Rick camera
80%561180%'Run Over' icon 'Crushed' icon 'Revenge' icon30th May 2008
1959Mummy, The
P.C. Blake
 152550%'Stabbed' icon30th May 2008
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