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Showing Deaths 1 to 20 of 28 Deaths on File from films beginning with 'g'

YearDeathVisitor RatingViewsWriteup RatingCategoriesUpdated
2008Gran Torino
Walt Kowalski
 22772 'Self-Sacrifice' icon 'Shot' icon5th Mar 2010
2007Golden Compass, The
Ragnar Sturlusson
75%5135100%'One on One' icon 'Duel' icon 'Animal' icon 'Dismemberment' icon 'Revenge' icon2nd Jun 2008
 2431 'Execution' icon 'Head Shot' icon 'Own Weapon' icon 'Shot' icon2nd Jun 2008
Emperor Commodus
75%815580%'One on One' icon 'Duel' icon 'Swordplay' icon 'Stabbed' icon 'Own Weapon' icon2nd Jun 2008
2000Ginger Snaps
Ginger Fitzgerald
53%397367%'Stabbed' icon 'Accidental' icon2nd Jun 2008
1999Green Mile, The
Eduard Delacroix
98%4936590%'Torture' icon 'Execution' icon 'Electricity' icon 'Combustion' icon 'Machinery' icon2nd Jun 2008
1997Grosse Point Blank
Felix La PuBelle
 265160%'One on One' icon 'Stabbed' icon2nd Jun 2008
Grocer60%222980%'Gunfight' icon 'Electricity' icon 'Bludgeoning' icon11th Feb 2009
Janus / Alec Trevelyan camera
75%1155970%'One on One' icon 'Crushed by Falling Object' icon 'Falling' icon 'Former Friends' icon2nd Jun 2008
Xenia Onatopp camera78%2121260%'Ironic' icon 'Crushed' icon2nd Jun 2008
Boris Grishenko camera78%1319060%'Tempting Fate' icon 'Freezing' icon2nd Jun 2008
1993Groundhog Day
Phil Connors
94%17399100%'Explosion' icon 'Falling' icon 'Crash' icon 'Electricity' icon 'Run Over' icon 'Poison' icon 'Combustion' icon 'Freezing' icon 'Stabbed' icon 'Resurrection' icon 'Shot' icon 'Suicide' icon 'Mexican Standoff' icon 'Broken Neck' icon 'Offscreen Killing' icon 'Time Travel' icon2nd Jun 2008
1989Ghostbusters II
55%657280%'Unique' icon 'Explosion' icon 'Vanishing Corpse' icon 'Electricity' icon 'Magic' icon2nd Jun 2008
Ruby Deagle
89%786580%'Death Trap' icon 'Falling' icon 'Monster' icon 'Machinery' icon2nd Jun 2008
Stripe70%7339100%'Unique' icon 'Vanishing Corpse' icon 'Not quite dead...' icon 'Sunlight' icon2nd Jun 2008
Sheriff Frank Kelly40%315460%'Crash' icon 'Monster' icon1st Jun 2008
1972Godfather, The
Santino 'Sonny' Corleone
85%1205880%'Shot' icon2nd Jun 2008
1965Ghidorah the Three-Headed Monster
 2271 'Crushed by Falling Object' icon 'Falling' icon 'Monster' icon 'Accidental' icon16th Mar 2009
Auric Goldfinger camera
60%713160%'Falling' icon2nd Jun 2008
Oddjob camera73%837180%'Electricity' icon2nd Jun 2008
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