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Lethal Weapon, Amanda Hunsaker (Jackie Swanson)

Site Rating: 50%
(ratings: 4)
Writeup Rating: 73%
(ratings: 3)
Film: Lethal Weapon (1987)
Deceased Character: Amanda Hunsaker (Jackie Swanson)
Archetype: Innocent Bystander
Killed with: Drugs

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Written by Mr. Mouseburger 2nd Dec 2006

At the beginning of the film we see some girl walking around in a drug induced stupor around a penthouse apartment in some skimpies. Not thinking straight, she balances on the ledge of the balcony, and is looking seriously depressed. It appears as if she is about to jump, as the director gives us subtle little clues, like camera shots of how far down it is, tears streaming down her cheeks and the like. She finally composes herself, and then releases her grip, falling backwards off of the balcony and onto the roof of a car below.

The reasons for this death forms the first part of the film, as Murtaugh finds out the girls name is Amanda Hunsaker, and she is the daughter of ex-Shadow Company member Michael Hunsaker. Hunsaker and Murtaugh were old buddies in 'Nam (like almost all long term male relationships in Hollywood films).

We find out that Michael Hunsaker has recently being having a crisis of conscience about laundering significant amounts of money made by his fellow Shadow Company colleagues who are shipping heroin into the United States.

For some reason, not explained, Shadow Company need his complicity, and so to bully him into working with them, they decide to target his daughter, Amanda. She is a bit of a wild child and, as Hunsaker explains retrospectively to Murtaugh, she has gotten involved in drugs and making "pornographic video tapes" - which is something of a lie as the clip we see is so tame that it could have appeared in the "American Pie" films. Anyway she has some of her drugs spiked by a fellow hooker Dixie, and this would have killed her anyway had she not jumped.

4 categories : Falling, Poison, Suicide, Drugs

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Comment 1 by 'Matt' (reply to this comment)
Even though it wouldn't count directly, Poisoning should be added. She had have been dead in 15 minutes even she didn't take her plunge, thanks to the added pipe cleaner.
Comment 2 by 'Mr Mouseburger' (reply to this comment)
I am not sure about poisoning, wasnt it just her drink was spiked with a dangerous amount of drugs?! Or were her drugs actually spiked with poison?
Comment 3 by 'Kooshmeister' (reply to this comment)
There was drain cleaner mixed in with the drugs.
Comment 4 by 'Matt' (reply to this comment)
BTW, did we ever learn who actually spiked the drugs? They seemed to drop that part a bit.
Comment 5 by 'Mr Mouseburger' (reply to this comment)
I think it is inferred that Dixie spikes her drugs, as later on Mr Joshua blows up her house in order to stop her ratting on them, and she was a witness to the suicide, meaning she was in the vicinity....
Comment 6 by 'Matt' (reply to this comment)
Good point. BTW, which cut have you got, MB? I've got the Director's Cut, which, among other things, has the worst "sniper" ever. Actually, being a sniper requires some skill. The guy in the DC is just firing random shots from a tall building.
Comment 7 by 'Kooshmeister' (reply to this comment)
The Hunsaker end of the plot never made much sense. McCallister needs Hunsaker to make the whole process work, and killing Amanda was an attempt to make him comply with his wishes... but then they kill him, too, meaning all the effort they expunded with Amanda, Dixie, etc. was all for nothing in the end.
Comment 8 by 'Matt' (reply to this comment)
Yeah, but they have to kill him because he revealing their organisation. It's not like had much of a choice there. Although, I kind of wondered how they knew he was letting out info. And how they managed to come at the exact time Murtaugh was questioning him...
Comment 9 by 'Matt' (reply to this comment)
For some reason, not explained, Shadow Company need his complicity, and so to bully him into working with them, they decide to target his daughter, Amanda.
I discovered the reason: Michael's bank is the perfect front for their operation. And the fact that he was going to spill the beans on the whole jig.
Comment 10 by 'Brian' (reply to this comment)
Add in drugs & falling.