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Laputa: Castle in the Sky, Shogun Mouro (Ichirô Nagai (voice))

Site Rating: 80%
(ratings: 3)
Writeup Rating: 80%
(ratings: 3)
Film: Laputa: Castle in the Sky (1986)
Deceased Character: Shogun Mouro (Ichirô Nagai (voice))
Archetype: Baddy (Minor)
Killed by: Muska (Minori Terada (voice))
Killed with: Falling

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Written by Mr. Mouseburger 2nd Apr 2006

Kindly submitted by Mr Briggs Inc.

The general is a high-ranking figure in a Nazi-like military unit. Muska, an agent sent by his government to help find the fabled city of Laputa: he castle in the sky, constantly angers him. Upon stealing Sheeta, heir to the throne of Laputa's magical stone, Muska, the General and the general's soldiers find this city.

Muska is another descendant of the final residents of Laputa, and he immediately finds his way in to the castle with the stone. After the explosives fail, Muska simply welcomes the general and his soldiers in, generating an entrance in a wall of the city and shifting around some large stone blocks to make a bridge (shoving Muska's own personal butlers off said stones in the process). The men crowd into a transparent observatory, emerging at the bottom of the castle, where a hologram of Muska and the captured Sheeta comes down from the roof of the dome, much to the army's bewilderment. He proclaims himself the king of Laputa, and tells the men to prepare themselves for "the thunder of Laputa!".

He moves the stone over a tablet and fires a giant beam down from the bottom of the dome "The fire of Heaven that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah in the Old Testament. The Ramayana referred to it as 'Indra's Arrow.' The entire world will once again kneel before the power of Laputa!"

The general remarks: "I can only say, 'Well done, Muska. You're a credit to our country.' As such, you deserve this reward!" and he unloads his pistol to no avail into the hologram.

"I have really had enough of your incredible stupidity" says Muska, who is about to activate another magical device on the tablet. Sheeta, however, throws herself on to the stone giving a few extra seconds for some of the more fortunate soldiers to escape up the only ramp to safety. Muska simply knocks the small girl away and opens up the bottom of the dome letting the general and most of his men to fall from the castle to their death below.

3 categories : Death Trap, Falling, Betrayal

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Comment 1 by 'Mr Mouseburger' (reply to this comment)
It is also worth noting that in the English dubbed version of the film Mark Hamill supplied the voice of Muska, and "The General" was voiced by Jim Cummings.


This is rather curious, Mr Briggs, i have just ordered this film and Howl's Moving Castle on DVD!!I have heard good things about both films and am a bit of a fan of anime, especialy Studio Ghibli stuff.

Comment 2 by 'Mr. Briggs Inc.' (reply to this comment)
Well sorry if I ruined anything for you, I can say that I did do this from the dubbed version.
Comment 3 by 'Pyro' (reply to this comment)
Mark Hamill was awsome as Agent Muska. Then again, can you truely expect less from the guy who portrayed the voice of the Joker in the Batman Animated Series? I think not!
Comment 4 by 'Jon' (reply to this comment)
Anonymous User Wrote:
> Mark Hamill was awsome as Agent Muska. Then again,
> can you truely expect less from the guy who
> portrayed the voice of the Joker in the Batman
> Animated Series? I think not!

Quoted for truth. He's the reason I love the dub so much. Although I gotta say, hearing Jim Cummings as the General was pretty cool, too; he seems born to play roles of this kind. Granted he DOES sound like Razoul from Aladdin, but it works well for this character.