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Hot Fuzz, Tom Weaver (Edward Woodward)

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Film: Hot Fuzz (2007)
Deceased Character: Tom Weaver (Edward Woodward)
Archetype: Baddy (Major)
Killed by: Sergeant Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg)
Killed with: Naval Mine

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Written by Old Bluffer 12th Jun 2009

Written by Kooshmeister

Tom Weaver is the head of the Neighborhood Watch Association, and one of the big decision-makers in their bizarre little "cult." Throughout the film's ending action sequence, Tom has been suspiciously absent (despite being the one to inform Frank Butterman of Angel's return).

Following the arrest of all the other NWA members, we quickly discover the reason for this is that Tom hid in his office at the constabulary the whole time.

While Angel and his co-workers are doing the mass of paperwork necessary to ensure that justice will be meted out to the killers, Tom enters the staff room brandishing a large blunderbuss which he appropriated from the evidence room, the weapon aimed right at Angel's heart.

"You know what you are?" he snarls. "A bloody busybody!"

As he squeezes the trigger, Danny leaps to Angel's rescue. Literally. As in he jumps into the path of the gunshot and takes the hit for his friend. With an anguished cry of "Noooooooooo!" Angel kicks a small wastebasket at Tom, which bounces off of the villain's head and sends him tumbling backwards through the open evidence room door.

As he lands, the supposedly defunct sea mine kept there rolls over on top of him and activates. A ticking sound fills the room, and Tom realizes he's a goner.

"Oh, God, no," he whimpers.

KABLAM! The entire constabulary goes up on a mammoth explosion right out of one of those American action films Danny is so fond of.

Kooshmeister's Note

Since everyone else survives the blast, one could argue Tom does too. But they were in the other room whereas Tom was right there with the bomb with the darn thing right on top of him, so I think it's a safe bet he's dead.

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