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Goldfinger, Auric Goldfinger (Gert Frobe)

Site Rating: 60%
(ratings: 2)
Writeup Rating: 60%
(ratings: 2)
Film: Goldfinger (1964)
Deceased Character: Auric Goldfinger (Gert Frobe)
Archetype: Baddy (Major)
Killed by: James Bond (Sean Connery)
Killed with: Sucked out of a plane

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Written by Mr. Mouseburger 2nd Jun 2005

A warning for following the in flight safety instructions. Goldfinger, having been foiled in his plot to render the gold reserves at Fort Knox unusable by detonating a nuclear device there, seeks to exact revenge on Mr Bond as he enjoys a relaxing trip home on the president's jet. A scuffle ensues, in which Goldfinger accidentally shoots out a window of the aircraft.

Goldfinger ultimately fails in this high pressure situation

Fortunately for all Bond enthusiasts, Bond has the wherewithall to wrap himself around some curtains. Poor Auric is less fortunate and is sucked out into the atmosphere (after an amusing period where his rather ample frame blocks the hole).

Just one category for this death : Falling

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Last Updated: 2nd Jun 2008
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Comment 1 by 'Karl_Eichholtz_13' (reply to this comment)
if Auric Goldfinger had lived the entire $15,000,000,000 gold supply of the USA would have been radioactive for 58 years.
Comment 2 by 'Karl_Eichholtz_13' (reply to this comment)
did Auric Goldfinger meet the same fate as Vladmir Popov from Die Another Day?
Comment 3 by 'Karl_Eichholtz_13' (reply to this comment)
i'm glad to have you aboard Mr. Bond!

well congratulations on your promotion Goldfinger.are you having lunch at the white house too? 2 hours i shall be in Cuba and you interferred with my plans for the last time Mr. Bond!

it's very dangerous to fire guns in planes i even had to warn Pussy Galore about it.but by the way where is she?

i will deal with her the moment she is where she is yours to be at the controls.*Goldfinger accidently shot open a window*aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!
Comment 4 by 'Mr. Briggs Inc.' (reply to this comment)
It was a MUCH tighter squeeze on Goldfinger's mound o' fat
Comment 5 by 'Matt' (reply to this comment)
Pressure? It was the result of depressurisation in the cabin, after all.
Comment 6 by 'Mr. Briggs Incorporated' (reply to this comment)
It is a result of pressure, what do the admins think?

P.S. Anyone else notice the random dead Korean lying on the floor of the plane?
Comment 7 by 'Kooshmeister' (reply to this comment)
I think there was a deleted bit to the Bond/Goldfinger fight wherein some of Goldfinger's goons got involved, hence the guy lying on the floor.
Comment 8 by 'Mr. Briggs Incorporated' (reply to this comment)
Any proof to back this?
Comment 9 by 'Kooshmeister' (reply to this comment)
None that I have, I just read about it somewhere.
Comment 10 by 'Roadkill' (reply to this comment)
In the book, he was strangled by Bond.
Comment 11 by 'Mr. Briggs Inc.' (reply to this comment)
Strangled and battered, I think the plane still crashed though
Comment 12 by 'FKAJ' (reply to this comment)
[quote Karl_Eichholtz_13]if Auric Goldfinger had lived the entire $15,000,000,000 gold supply of the USA would have been radioactive for 58 years.[/quote]No, Bond and Felix had already stopped the nuclear bomb from blowing up.
Comment 13 by 'HJW678' (reply to this comment)
well thats one way to lose weight
Comment 14 by 'Flashpenny' (reply to this comment)
Does falling qualify? Bond said that if someone got sucked out of a decompressurized plane, they'd get sucked into outer space or burn up in the atmosphere. Hell when you see Goldfinger floating around in the air, you see him getting sucked up; not falling down. I'm pretty sure that would rank in with "Asphyxiation", "Combustion" and possibly "Freezing" (if he ever made it to space).
Comment 15 by 'Josh Watson' (reply to this comment)
What about 'Pressure'? I'm surprised this category hasn't been added already.