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Ghostbusters II, Vigo (Wilhelm von Homburg)

Site Rating: 55%
(ratings: 2)
Writeup Rating: 80%
(ratings: 3)
Film: Ghostbusters II (1989)
Deceased Character: Vigo (Wilhelm von Homburg)
Archetype: Baddy (Major)
Killed by: Ghostbusters (Billy Murray / Harold Ramis / Ernie Huds)
Killed with: Proton Accelerators

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Written by Mr. Mouseburger 22nd Apr 2006

Kindly submitted by Pyro
Kindly submitted by P.E.

Vigo, an ancient sorcerer of the 16th century, has been haunting his own painting as a powerful spectre, who intends to be reborn by possessing the body of Dana Barrett's infant son Oscar on the appointed time of midnight January 1st. Through the museum curator Janosz, who is serving as Vigo’s loyal, magically enhanced toady, the sorcerer has managed to abduct Oscar and his plan seems to be succeeding. He has trapped Dana in the Art Museum and released an army of terrible apparitions to menace New York, increasing the fear and tension that feeds the magical slime, which is the source of his evil power. At this point, it would seem Vigo has little to worry about in the way of interference.

However, one thing he had not counted on was the Ghostbusters are a resourceful (and very professional) bunch of paranormal investigators. Having studied Vigo's evil slime and found a way to counter it with positively charged slime, our heroes bring the Statue of Liberty, the ultimate symbol of freedom and peace in New York, to life and march it into the city. This raises the spirits of the citizens enough to weaken Vigo's slime barrier covering the museum allowing them a chance to enter.

It is not a moment too soon either, as they arrive just in time to stop Vigo from possessing Oscar. Janosz then attempts to talk them down, insisting they are no match for Vigo. His confidence dented dramatically when he finds that Vigo has vanished from the painting, seemingly destroyed after the failed attempt to possess Oscar. The Ghostbusters then blast Janosz with their positively charged slime, knocking him unconscious, and nullifying Vigo's influence over him, and it would seem things have been successfully resolved.

But, wait a minute cinema-goers, this it would not be Hollywood if that was the end of it! The furniture and props in the art museum suddenly come to life, restraining Dana, who knows Vigo’s presence is still in the museum and is after Oscar once again. Peter hides the baby, while the others attempt to free Dana. As this is happening, Vigo materializes in corporeal form.

The Ghostbusters open fire, but are no match for the undead sorcerer, who shrugs off their proton blasts and paralyzes them with his dark magic. His only obstacles gone, Vigo then finds Oscar. Peter attempts to distract Vigo, but the sorcerer responds by casting a spell on him and the other Ghostbusters that subject them all to painful seizures.

"Now we become one!" Vigo declares to the captive infant. Then he hears something outside. The citizens of New York are singing in celebration of the New Year! This positivity of the moment begins to weaken Vigo's slime, draining him of his power. The sorcerer convulses in pain, his image becoming blurry and begins losing its solidity. Vigo then vanishes and Oscar lands safely in the Ghostbusters hands as the immobilization spell Vigo had cast on the heroes dissipates.

Vigo is forced back into the painting, as he is no longer powerful enough to sustain his own physical form, Vigo seems an open target now, but he has one more trick up his sleeve. Locking eyes with Ray, Vigo hypnotizes him to come close enough to the painting to possess him.

Vigo then makes the deadly mistake of gloating and taunting his foes. The Ghostbusters do not give him the chance to make a move as Winston proceeds to shoot him with the slime-blaster, the positive slime exorcises Vigo from Ray's body, and all that remains of the sorcerer now is his floating head. The Ghostbusters then make an all-out assault; while Winston blasts away at Vigo with the slime-blower, Egon and Peter take aim at the painting itself with their proton packs. Soon enough, Vigo's head shrinks down to nothing and explodes, annihilating him for good. The painting itself vanishes and is replaced by a heavenly renaissance-like image of the Ghostbusters holding young Oscar.

5 categories : Unique, Explosion, Vanishing Corpse, Electricity, Magic

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Vigo (Wilhelm von Homburg)

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