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For Your Eyes Only, Ernst Stavro Blofeld (John Hollis)

Site Rating: 63%
(ratings: 3)
Writeup Rating: 70%
(ratings: 2)
Film: For Your Eyes Only (1981)
Deceased Character: Ernst Stavro Blofeld (John Hollis)
Archetype: Baddy (Minor)
Killed by: James Bond (Roger Moore)
Killed with: Helicopter

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Written by Mr. Mouseburger 2nd Apr 2006

Kindly submitted by grimreaper

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For a comedy pre-credit sequence of the film, Bond’s archenemy Blofeld (q.v.) returns to torment our hero. You could be forgiven for thinking that Blofeld was killed in Diamonds are Forever, but he is, according to this film, alive and kicking. Now the SPECTRE chief attempts one last attack on Bond. Bound in a wheelchair modified with a radio control device, Blofeld controls the helicopter Bond is in into performing a series of scary manoeuvres through a derelict industrial complex.

Bond though is able to break the jamming device connected to Blofeld's controls and then chases Blofeld, so that the landing gear slices through Blofeld's wheelchair, fixing him to the helicopter. Flying up towards the pinnacle of a high factory smokestack, Blofeld now at the mercy of Bond, is pleading "Mr. Bond, I'll make you a deal. I'll buy you a delicatessen in stainless steel!" In response, Bond casually pats Blofeld's bald head and says,"all right, keep your hair on!". Blofeld yells "Put me down!" to which Bond coolly replies, "Oh, do you want to get off?" Bond then avenges the murder of his wife, Tracy, by tilting the helicopter, and dumping the SPECTRE chief down the chimney.

Note from Mouseburger: I have listed Blofeld as Baddy (Minor) as that is what he is in the context of this particular film, of course he is a Baddy (Major) in the whole Bond franchise

Just one category for this death : Falling

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Comment 1 by 'Mr Mouseburger' (reply to this comment)
I have to say i always thought that the chap at the beginning of FYEO was supposed to look like Blofeld, but the name Blofeld was consciously omitted from any script. My view is that he was killed in Diamonds are Forever, and only brought back for a tongue-in-cheek death sequence in this film.

Is it therefore fair to say that Blofeld dies in both films? are there any die hard Bond fans who have an opinion one way or the other? I dont want to list a death if it has not occured.
Comment 2 by 'Mr. Briggs Inc.' (reply to this comment)
Blofeld in For Your Eyes Only has a wheelchair and neck-brace symbolizing his injuries in Diamonds are forever, his name wasn't used because of copyrights that Kevin McClory made to thunderball, S.P.E.C.T.R.E., and Blofeld (after he got jealous that Fleming got the glory for James Bond) at least that's the belief among James Bond FREAKS like me.

P.S. The Fall killed Blofeld, not the helichopper?
Comment 3 by 'Mr Mouseburger' (reply to this comment)
ok, but FYEO was some years after DAF, so he surely would not be injured that long after?! Who is Kevin McClory? is Blofeld a real character then?

with regards to "helicopter" as the killing object - yes, it was the fall that killed him, but it was the helicopter that got him into that position to be dropped - i suppose it is similar to using "gun" as the object - in reality it is the bullets that kill someone, but we list gun.
Comment 4 by 'Mr. Briggs Inc.' (reply to this comment)
It was probably a spinal injury or broken neck, which truly doesn't heal that fast.

As for McClory, He is a screenwriter, producer, and director who allegedly was the first to write a James Bond screenplay, ("Thunderball" the first to feature Blofeld and S.P.E.C.T.R.E. in the plot) apparently, after that Fleming novelized McClory's screenplay and McClory filed a lawsuit, consequentially Dr. No, and not Thunderball, became the first Bond film. In 1965 EON Productions made a deal with McClory to get Thunderball turned into a film allowing him sole credit for the adaptation. In 1983, McClory made a sub-par remake of the film in Never Say Never Again, closer to the novel, but still substandard to the 1965 version.

i suppose it is similar to using "gun" as the object - in reality it is the bullets that kill someone, but we list gun.
Boy do I feel stupid.
Comment 5 by 'Kooshmeister' (reply to this comment)
If this was in fact Blofeld (and I think it was - he's specifically identified by name in the DVD audio commentary anyway), then few other deaths deserve the "Revenge" category, especially since Blofeld's attempt to kill Bond and subsequent demise comes right on the heels of Bond visiting Tracy's grave.

[quote Mr. Briggs Inc.]In 1983, McClory made a sub-par remake of the film in Never Say Never Again, closer to the novel, but still substandard to the 1965 version.[/quote]I kind of liked Never Say Never Again. *Shrugs*
Comment 6 by 'Mr. Luminous' (reply to this comment)
Excuuuuuse me... But that neck-brace is representative of the injuries Blofeld suffered in OHMSS - ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE, the most technically brilliant of all Bond films - EVER! OHMSS and nowhere else!
The bit part Blofeld had in DAF (sounds so funny) may explain the wheelchair-ridden state at this (FYEO) point - but the neck-brace is ALL OHMSS - give credit where it is due!
Especially since this is the bad guy who offed the nearly-as-good-as-Emma-Peel Tracy; he cannot be rumored to have come out of that movie totally unscathed now! The guy would not have lasted long in a one-on-one battle in normal conditions against either James or Tracy - much less if he had faced the actual Emma Peel herself!
cool smiley
Comment 7 by 'Mr. Luminous' (reply to this comment)
This was meant to be the anniversary of Tracy's death - and who would know it better than (and want to taunt Bond more on that day than) Blofeld? One more try to expedite 007 into a joint grave with the ONLY Bond Girl that ever truly mattered - no arch-foe would ever say no to that...!

McClory is the one who went six feet under, incidentally - in 2006.
Comment 8 by 'Flashpenny' (reply to this comment)
Where's Unsastisfying? Think about it Blofeld's the arch-enemy of Bond. To have such a dignified position he deserves a better way to kick the bucket then plummeting down a factory chimney.
Comment 9 by 'ShyGuy' (reply to this comment)
He fell down a chimney, but combustion won't help, and it makes a loud crash, but I don't know if CRASH will help.
Comment 10 by 'Josh Watson' (reply to this comment)
I'm rather the Bond nerd and I don't think this fellow is Blofeld. Maybe, but I seriously doubt it. I think this is just the producers' way of making Blofeld's ultimate fate even more perplexing to the audience, especially since it's not 100% certain he even died at the end of Diamonds Are Forever. I personally don't think Blofeld did die in that film, and I don't think this person is Blofeld either.