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Flash Gordon, General Kala (Mariangela Melato)

Site Rating: 90%
(ratings: 2)
Writeup Rating: 67%
(ratings: 3)
Film: Flash Gordon (1980)
Deceased Character: General Kala (Mariangela Melato)
Archetype: Baddy (Minor)
Killed by: Prince Barin (Timothy Dalton)
Killed with: Laser Gun

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Written by Mr. Mouseburger 5th Nov 2007

Kindly submitted by J. Doe

Flash (ahhhhhhhh-aaahhh) and Barin and Zarkov have split up and the latter need to get to the control room of Mingo City in order to lower the defensive shields and allow Flash (ahhhhhhhh-aaahhh) to crash the war rocket Ajax into the city, saving both Planet Earth and Dale Arden from being enslaved by Emperor Ming the Merciless (q.v) (he achieves the former through a sustained planetary bombardment from a fleet of expensive spaceships, and the latter by marrying her, which probably costs him way more). Now that's some climax to an already action packed film, and you can be assured that Brian May's fretwork is in overdrive mode to accompany the gaudy visuals.

Barin and Zarkov get to the control room only to be confronted by General Kala, a dominatrix who wears a flamethrower ring on her finger. She looks like the type of madam that lives for moments when she can incinerate men with her jewellery, so it's a bit disappointing for her that the range of the jet of flame she can produce is limited to say the least. Barin and Zarkov have no trouble evading it in fact, and with a deft Shatner roll, Barin aims his blaster at Kala and shoots, killing her. However, most creatures on Mongo do not die in a standard way, and sure enough after falling to the ground Kala's corpse melts and black ooze drains out.

2 categories : Melting, Energy Weapon

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Comment 1 by 'Matt' (reply to this comment)
Isn't a blaster more of an Energy Weapon?
Comment 2 by 'Mr. Briggs Inc.' (reply to this comment)
You need to link to Ming and take out the spoiler about his death.
Comment 3 by 'old bluffer' (reply to this comment)
Added Energy Weapon and rewrote some of the review (couldn't resist).
Comment 4 by 'Schooled Bill' (reply to this comment)
Great review, that makes six kills for Dalton on this site.
Comment 5 by 'hotty22' (reply to this comment)
after the laser has hit her, you can see her stunning face and smoke is coming up from her corpse while General Kala is sinking on the floor.The direct hit she received from the laser gun is making her inwards broiling and turning to a kind of oil which flow out of her bodywhich becomes more and more flabby. It looks like air is exhausting out of a damaged
air mattress. It seems that Prince Barin has pulled out the cork of General Kala. But a nice death indeed, only the outer shell of General Kala is remaining on the floor.