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Final Destination, Billy Hitchcock (Seann William Scott)

Site Rating: 70%
(ratings: 4)
Writeup Rating: 80%
(ratings: 2)
Film: Final Destination (2000)
Deceased Character: Billy Hitchcock (Seann William Scott)
Killed with: Debris

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Written by Mr. Mouseburger 17th Nov 2005

Kindly submitted by That Kid Steve

One of the less inventive deaths in the film, but it gains points for two reasons:

1) It involves the death of Seann William Scott.
2) The impeccable timing of the death.

Cocky guy, Carter (Kerr Smith) refuses to believe he's next in Death's list. In a rather drastic way of proving his point, he parks his car in the path of a coming train. His frantic passengers scramble out of the car and try to convince him to do the same, but his pride is at stake!

Noticing that the train doesn't seem to be stopping by godly intervention, Carter changes his mind and tries to get out. It appears he is a goner when the car locks itself shut and his seatbelt gets jammed. fortunately for him, leading man Alex (Devon Sawa) dashes to the rescue, breaking Carter free just in the nick of time. At that moment, the train hits car, causing it to explode and blowing pieces of car everywhere.

Having witnessed two deaths already, Billy begins to get extremely nervous. However, even after previously seeing one of his friends splattered by a bus after saying "Drop f**king dead", poor Billy doesn't get Death's sense of irony.

"You're dead! You're dead!" He screams at Carter, before the last carriage of the train knocks a piece of the car flying towards Billy and through his neck.

3 categories : Ironic, Tempting Fate, Decapitation

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Comment 1 by 'Sasha' (reply to this comment)
I'll never forget this creepy's still stuck in the back of my head. Billy shouting, 'You're dead, you're dead...and you ain't taking me with you.'

Apparently, nobody told Billy 'You should never, say never', becasue the Grim Reaper makes certain he has a front row seat to the afterlife with Terry, Tod and Miss separating his head from his body with a sheet of metal from Carter's destroyed car.
Comment 2 by 'Bill' (reply to this comment)
Shouldn't archtype be Goody (Minor)?
Comment 3 by 'Matt' (reply to this comment)
Very true. Loved this death, beautifully executed (no pun intended).
Comment 4 by 'ShyGuy' (reply to this comment)
That was only half of his head that came off! :headchop:
Comment 5 by 'Josh Watson' (reply to this comment)
Would 'Projectile' not qualify here? And also, the debris goes through Billy's jaw, not his neck.