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YearDeathVisitor RatingViewsWriteup RatingCategoriesUpdated
60%486087%'Gunfight' icon 'Falling' icon 'Shot' icon 'Defenestration' icon2nd Jun 2008
Bennett camera83%1184154%'Impalement' icon 'Electricity' icon 'Projectile' icon2nd Jun 2008
Cooke camera72%646580%'One on One' icon 'Impalement' icon2nd Jun 2008
Diaz54%354140%'Head Shot' icon2nd Jun 2008
Forrestal58%315560%'Run Over' icon2nd Jun 2008
Henriques71%694480%'One on One' icon 'Broken Neck' icon2nd Jun 2008
Lawson52%363360%'Shot' icon2nd Jun 2008
Sully camera80%1130480%'Falling' icon2nd Jun 2008
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