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Enter the Dragon, Bolo (Bolo Yeung)

Site Rating: 50%
(ratings: 4)
Writeup Rating: 88%
(ratings: 5)
Film: Enter the Dragon (1973)
Deceased Character: Bolo (Bolo Yeung)
Archetype: Baddy (Minor)
Killed by: Roper (John Saxon)
Killed with: Physical Blows

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Written by Old Bluffer 7th Dec 2006

Roper has already been approached by Han as a possible ally, after Williams has been killed. During this encounter, Han establishes that "there is a point that Roper will not go beyond", but he is unsure quite where that is on the scale of Evil Baddies.

So, when (Bruce) Lee totally flips out and massacres dozens of Han's guards, it provides the perfect opportunity to test Roper's loyalty.

Never one to miss out on a cool line, Han first enquires of Roper: "Would you be good enough to participate in this morning's edification?"

Lee is accordingly brought out, hands bound, by Bolo - Han's #1 muscle bound henchman since O'Hara was slain by Lee.

Roper is very much a decent fellow though, and was only humouring Han before to try and avoid ending up like Williams. He has no intention of fighting Lee, even though he realises that to refuse invites certain death.

Han doesn't seem in any way surprised at Roper's "weakness", and sarcastically declaims: "I was right about you... We shall strive to be worthy of your sense of grandeur... I will find someone with whom you can fight... ...Bolo!"

Now Bolo is something of a powerhouse - a rarity on Han's island of half-starved, inept guards.
He is also a brutal killer, and indeed was Han's executioner previously, when four guards needed punishing.
So, it is probably fair to say that Roper doesn't relish the prospect of facing him.

Lee has no such concerns though, and saunters casually forwards to fight Bolo himself, but Roper is too proud for this and motions him back.

With all the epic bouts that the spectators in white have seen during this film, you'd think they'd know some decent moves during the final battle...

The fight begins with a flurry of kicks, strikes and blocks, and Roper is the first to go down. Unusually, Bolo follows him to the ground and slides into a crossover arm bar. Roper needs to escape quickly or his arm will be snapped at the elbow. Luckily for him, Bolo's leg is in entirely the wrong position and Roper has no qualms about clamping his teeth down onto the beefy calf. The body building Chinese fighter resists this for several seconds before the pain become unbearable, and he staggers away, clutching his leg.

Defence from crossover armbar: the Roper Chomp

Roper again demonstrates that he is quite comfortable at street fighting and kicks him while he is bent over, and Bolo, in desperation, ducks low and lifts Roper up for a power slam.

Bolo has the most powerful nipples in the New Territories.

Roper finally realises that in a grappling contest he is going to lose, so he changes his tactics to circle around his opponent, and keeps his distance. This allows him to pepper poor old Bolo with some weakeners, and then finish him with the nastiest blow known to kung fu.
Yes, he forcefully throws a kick up into Bolo's bollocks, smashing them up through his body and into his mouth by the look of his expression.
For a terrible moment of time he remains doubled up, tenderly holding his pulverised scrotum, and then, mercifully, neurogenic shock kicks in and he slumps over, defeated at last.

Let this be a lesson to any budding martial artists - always wear a box!

Referee! Low blow!

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This review has 8 comments. Reply to the comments
Comment 1 by 'commanderblue' (reply to this comment)
This death SERIOUSLY makes no sense.

I understand that he was kicked in the nuts, but still, how would that kill him? Did Roper deliver a devastating blow to the nuts that resulted in body shock?

I heard somewhere on that some user claimed that part of the fight was cut out. Bolo was losing so he ran to pick up the knife that kept Bruce Lee in his bonds and Roper ended up handling the knife in which he then stabbed Bolo in the stomach.

It looks like he was kicked below the belt...or was he? They don't show any lower than his chest so maybe like I said, a part was cut out.
Comment 2 by 'old bluffer' (reply to this comment)
He is definitely kicked below the belt. They don't show the blow connecting, but this is just so the actors don't need to fake the hit.
Kung Fu genre films like the concept of "death blows", and as my review says, the implication in this fight is that Bolo dies from neurogenic shock. You can search the web for differing opinions on whether groin kicks can kill (I personally think it would be very rare from a single blow, and you'd be more likely to pass out first and then die from internal bleeding). But, whether you believe they can or not this is a movie, not a med school training video.

Also, it is consistent with Roper's style of "non-competition" fighting. He bites Bolo, kicks him when he's clutching his bloodied leg and finally hoofs him in the nuts! :pirate:
Comment 3 by 'commanderblue' (reply to this comment)
I suppose you are right, when I was like 9 and I saw this film, I thought he was just knocked unconscious but that look on his face tells anyone else otherwise.

I guess every fighting man has a weak spot, and Roper happened to find it with his kung fu kicks
Comment 4 by 'Paco' (reply to this comment)
But, are you sure that Bolo is death?, I mean, we can see him liying in the ground but there is not any evidence that he's death. In the film, after the kick in the null, you can see Han's face and hear another hit. It could be the one which let him slepinig, but not death. (Sorry for my english)
Comment 5 by 'mickey finn' (reply to this comment)
Bolo doesnt die from a kick in the nuts, in the original version, you hear but do not see a final blow after the kick in the nuts. The sund is at the point where you see Hans face on camera. For some reason, the death blow sound has been cut out. This film has a particularly chequered history of cuts, for example for a long time in the UK the entire nunchuck scene was missing, yet Bolos slaughtering of the guards remained untouched. Why Bolos death blow has been cut out, particularly when you dont see it is a mystery to me, theres far worse in the film than that, such as the guard who bruce assaults with the two sticks, breaking virtually everybone in his body!

However, I have never seen anything worse than the UK cut of the way of the dragon from a few years back. Virtually every fight scene was cut, I mean, why do you watch a bruce lee film, if not for the brilliant figh scenes? I mean way of the dragon has some great choreography, but it is a rubbish movie if you strip out the fighting.

At the end of the day, enter the dragon is a terrible movie story and acting wise, but it is punctuated by the greatest fight sequences ever committed to film, and this is why to this day, nearly 25 years since I first saw it, it remains for me the greatest martial arts movie ever made, and has never been and probably never will be bettered.
Comment 6 by 'Shere Khan' (reply to this comment)

I can across your discussion because I am watching Enter The Dragon on cable TV as I'm sending this message. I first saw the movie when it was originally released in the 1970s. Since then I've seen the movie several dozen times and own the DVD. In the original version I saw in the theatre, Bolo was killed by Roper after several weakening blows, a tremendous kick to the testicles, which was followed by a punch/chop to the back of Bolo's head while he was doubling over. That is the "punch" sound effect that we hear in the currently available versions. I was on the web trying to find the deleted deathblow. Hope this helps
Comment 7 by 'Kelchu' (reply to this comment)
Have to agree, I never understood why they cut the final 'crack" sound if you will as the camera looks at Mr Hann and it is obvious that Bolo has been finished off. Anybody out there who has been caught accidently in the family jewels in training will tell you it drops you like a weight and you don't recover instantly. A fully fledged jumping kick or any kick to the vitals is going to do immense damage, I have seen the original UK uncut VHS release of Enter The Dragon which is only missing the scene where Lee is talking to the Monk, otherwise complete. Incidentally Roper is fighting for his very life and I wouldn't hesitate to do that kick as it doesn't matter who you are. You will drop.
Comment 8 by 'John' (reply to this comment)
Bolo was kicked in the chest as he was doubled over. Roper shocked the heart with the blow much like a baseball player getting hit with a baseball in the chest while the heart is in between can be fatal. Bolo was not kicked in the nuts. Just sayin'......