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Deep Blue Sea, Russell Franklin (Samuel L Jackson)

Site Rating: 88%
(ratings: 8)
Writeup Rating: 91%
(ratings: 7)
Film: Deep Blue Sea (1999)
Deceased Character: Russell Franklin (Samuel L Jackson)
Archetype: Goody (Minor)
Killed by: Shark
Killed with: Teeth

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Written by Old Bluffer 5th Dec 2006

In a film not lacking in shark related killings, Samuel Jackson's death still manages to be the most memorable, even though it all happens within the snap of some genetically modified teeth...

First of all though, you should read the premise of Deep Blue Sea for a basic plot outline.

Jackson plays Russell Franklin, a charismatic venture capitalist who has funded the project to create a vast underwater death trap in the middle of the ocean.
Evidently, he has misgivings about the profit potential of manufacturing sharks that are unusually skilled at killing humans, and decides to visit the aquatic tomb himself, to see exactly what the meddling scientists are doing.

Initially, things aren't too bad. Most of the research team distrust him because they think he will cut their funding, but this wasn't altogether unexpected.

He still isn't unduly fussed when virtually everyone leaves the base, just as a violent squall approaches. This leaves Franklin stranded with just the "skeleton staff" and three mutant killer sharks, hell-bent on sinking the base - but he isn't to know that, yet...

More surprising perhaps, is when the Chief Scientist is killed right in front of him, by a shark that is at least twice as long as Wikipedia says it should be. Even more worrying from a financial perspective is that the underwater base is now flooding, and they are all in very real danger of getting drowned.

This finally sets his bushy eyebrows raising, and he demands an explanation. This allows Dr. Susan McCallister to humbly admit to the sin of "breaking the Harvard Compact", which as any schoolchild knows, expressly forbids the ungodly transformation of toothed fishes into gigantic sentient freaks.

This revelation causes outright panic and dismay amongst the other researchers, and soon bitter recriminations are flying back and forth.

Franklin isn't any old suit-wearing board member though, this is Samuel L Jackson! Even better, he has some kind of mysterious character backstory involving him previously surviving certain death in a mountaineering / avalanche disaster.

Nobody can deliver an angry sermon like Samuel L Jackson!

He therefore takes this opportunity to fire up morale by menacing everybody with an awe inspiring soliloquy:

(the following dialogue may be slightly paraphrased with Pulp Fiction - I am getting forgetful in my old age)

"You think water's fast? You should see ice. It moves like it has a mind. Like it knows it killed the world once. It got a taste for murder!
When the avalanche came... (Samuel glowers at everyone with impossibly angry white eyes) took us a week to climb out. And somewhere we lost hope. I don't know when we turned on each other. I just know that seven of us motherf***ers survived the slide... ...and only five motherf***ers made it out.
Now, we took an oath that I'm breaking now. Swore that we'd say it was the snow that killed the other two. Now I'd like that, but that s*** ain't the truth. Nature can be lethal. But it doesn't hold a candle to man. You've seen how bad things can get and how quick they can get that way. Well, they can get a whole lot worse!
So we're NOT GONNA FIGHT ANY MORE! We're gonna be like underwater Fonzies. And what's Fonzie like?"

(ashamed scientists): He's cool.
"Correct-amundo! And that's what we're gonna be. See when you yell at each other, I get nervous. And when I get nervous, I get scared. And when motherf***ers get scared, that's when motherf***ers get accidentally eaten. See normally your heretic asses would be dead as f***'in fried chicken for screwin' with God's Creation. But you happened to pull this evil science s*** while I'm in a transitional period, so we're all going to pull together and find a way to get out of here!"

(Ginormously Huge Shark Erupts out of the water and Gnashes Samuel L Jackson into Chunks of Bloodied Meat)

I love Jackson's expression as he wonders what the scientists are looking at behind him...

Fullsize, it looks to me as if Jackson is laughing as he's being told "just stagger backwards Samuel, as if you're inside a shark's mouth, we'll put the shark in later!"

In case it isn't clear, the reason this death gets such a high rating is not for the chewing, but for the fantastic preceding Jackson speech. Nobody can deliver monologues like Jackson, and having him get eaten at the climax of it makes this death an instant classic.

Sadly the special effects people didn't go for the full "Fountain of Blood"

It's nice how Gen-2 shares the head of her victim with her smaller sibling.

4 categories : Animal, Dismemberment, Devoured, Golden Duck

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Comment 1 by 'commanderblue' (reply to this comment)
Hahaha, lol, I laughed my head off on that scene
Comment 2 by 'Matt' (reply to this comment)
Is if that wasn't bad enough, another shark comes along and the two sharks rip him into two. Drowning should also be included because of the brief moment underwater before becoming only half the man.
Comment 3 by 'Walter Peck' (reply to this comment)
What about a new Category: "Unexpected"
Would also match for Steven Seagal in "Executive Decision".
Comment 4 by 'old bluffer' (reply to this comment)
It would be an even more subjective category than most of our current ones though. There would always be people claiming it wasn't unexpected at all. Mouseburger in particular has an uncanny knack of working out who will get killed in a film and in which order!
Comment 5 by 'Matt' (reply to this comment)
Tempting Fate, because I recall Thomas Jane's character telling Franklin not to get too close to the pool. But what does he do? He aligns himself right in front of it's opening!
Comment 6 by 'old bluffer' (reply to this comment)
Not really what I had in mind for Tempting Fate.
I've updated the category description to make it a little clearer.