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YearDeathVisitor RatingViewsWriteup RatingCategoriesUpdated
Billy camera
30%2662165%'Prophecy' icon 'Blaze of Glory' icon 'Offscreen Killing' icon13th Mar 2009
1994Star Trek: Generations
Captain James Kirk
55%2660276%'Self-Sacrifice' icon 'Falling' icon 'Crushed' icon2nd Jun 2008
2002Die Another Day
Miranda Frost camera
68%2626880%'One on One' icon 'Swordplay' icon 'Ironic' icon 'Stabbed' icon2nd Jun 2008
Hoban "Wash" Washburn
74%2619275%'Impalement' icon 'Blaze of Glory' icon2nd Jun 2008
2001Fellowship of the Ring, The
Boromir camera
93%2609080%'Melee' icon 'Blaze of Glory' icon 'Projectile' icon2nd Jun 2008
1982Dark Crystal, The
Innocent Podling camera
70%25791100%'Torture' icon 'Reincarnation' icon 'Magic' icon 'Sunlight' icon28th Feb 2010
2004Kill Bill: Volume 2
Pai Mei camera
54%25018100%'Master/Pupil' icon 'Food and Drink' icon 'Poison' icon 'Revenge' icon2nd Jun 2008
1997Starship Troopers
Dizzy Flores camera
43%2488040%'Monster' icon 'Stabbed' icon2nd Jun 2008
Little Bill Daggett camera
80%2399493%'Head Shot' icon 'Shot' icon 'Mexican Standoff' icon 'Revenge' icon2nd Jun 2008
1998Saving Private Ryan
Captain John H. Miller
85%2351173%'Shot' icon2nd Jun 2008
2001Jeepers Creepers
Darry Jenner
60%2331985%'Torture' icon 'Monster' icon 'Prophecy' icon 'Offscreen Killing' icon2nd Jun 2008
1975Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Black Knight camera
96%22368100%'One on One' icon 'Swordplay' icon 'Dismemberment' icon 'Hacked' icon 'Offscreen Killing' icon 'Exsanguination' icon2nd Jun 2008
1982Blade Runner
Roy Batty
91%2204444%'One on One' icon 'Old Age' icon2nd Jun 2008
1973Enter the Dragon
OHarra camera
83%2147296%'Sport' icon 'Martial Arts' icon 'Contrived Self-Defence' icon 'Revenge' icon2nd Jun 2008
1999Deep Blue Sea
Russell Franklin camera
88%2121291%'Animal' icon 'Dismemberment' icon 'Devoured' icon 'Golden Duck' icon2nd Jun 2008
1994Crow, The
Funboy camera
80%2103960%'Ironic' icon 'Own Weapon' icon 'Shot' icon 'Drugs' icon 'Revenge' icon2nd Jun 2008
Dr. Stephen Arden camera
 2099785%'Monster' icon 'Blaze of Glory' icon 'Sex' icon 'Slashed' icon2nd Jun 2008
Gluttony victim
53%2094560%'Food and Drink' icon 'Offscreen Killing' icon2nd Jun 2008
The Joker camera
74%2091870%'One on One' icon 'Falling' icon 'Not quite dead...' icon2nd Jun 2008
1992Batman Returns
The Penguin
38%2082990%'Ironic' icon 'Falling' icon 'Drowning' icon 'Poison' icon2nd Jun 2008
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