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Showing Deaths 1 to 20 of 53 Deaths on File from films beginning with 'm'

YearDeathVisitor RatingViewsWriteup RatingCategoriesUpdated
50%393180%'Decapitation' icon 'Accidental' icon 'Lover' icon2nd Jun 2008
2004Man on Fire
 16593 'Self-Sacrifice' icon 'Shot' icon 'Offscreen Killing' icon 'Exsanguination' icon26th Jan 2009
1974Man with the Golden Gun, The
Francisco Scaramanga
50%352853%'Duel' icon 'Shot' icon1st Jun 2008
Hai Fat70%398360%'Head Shot' icon 'Betrayal' icon 'Former Friends' icon2nd Jun 2008
1940Mark of Zorro, The
Captain Esteban Pasquale
90%275547%'Duel' icon 'Swordplay' icon 'Stabbed' icon2nd Jun 2008
1990Marked for Death
73%920360%'One on One' icon 'Swordplay' icon 'Impalement' icon 'Falling' icon 'Martial Arts' icon2nd Jun 2008
1987Masters of the Universe
Skeletor camera
65%1251593%'One on One' icon 'Swordplay' icon 'Falling' icon 'Contrived Self-Defence' icon2nd Jun 2008
Saurod 3044 'Vanishing Corpse' icon 'Electricity' icon 'Magic' icon27th Oct 2009
2003Matrix Revolutions, The
Agent Smith
60%1227090%'One on One' icon 'Unique' icon 'Explosion' icon 'Martial Arts' icon 'Vanishing Corpse' icon 'Own Weapon' icon2nd Jun 2008
1999Matrix, The
50%411160%'Unique' icon 'Betrayal' icon1st Jun 2008
Neo57%483570%'Resurrection' icon 'Shot' icon1st Jun 2008
Switch53%533060%'Unique' icon 'Betrayal' icon1st Jun 2008
1983Meaning of Life, The
Dinner Guests camera
70%478480%'Food and Drink' icon 'Poison' icon1st Jun 2008
Mr Creosote camera88%1858553%'Unique' icon 'Explosion' icon 'Food and Drink' icon 'Offscreen Killing' icon2nd Jun 2008
Mr. Brown camera78%401280%'Ironic' icon 'Torture' icon 'Execution' icon1st Jun 2008
 420970%'Shot' icon 'Former Friends' icon 'Revenge' icon2nd Jun 2008
1990Men At Work
Jack Berger camera
 4064100%'Strangulation' icon2nd Jun 2008
1998Mercury Rising
Lieutenant Colonel Nicholas Kudrow
70%368080%'One on One' icon 'Falling' icon 'Own Weapon' icon 'Shot' icon2nd Jun 2008
2004Million Dollar Baby
Maggie Fitzgerald
82%2018487%'Sport' icon 'Asphyxiation' icon 'Drugs' icon 'Broken Neck' icon 'Mercy Killing' icon2nd Jun 2008
Annie Wilkes
90%9899100%'One on One' icon 'Not quite dead...' icon 'Bludgeoning' icon 'Grab Bag' icon2nd Jun 2008
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