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Contract, The, Stanfield (Gary Whelan)

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Film: Contract, The (2006)
Deceased Character: Stanfield (Gary Whelan)
Archetype: Goody (Minor)
Killed by: Frank Carden (Morgan Freeman)
Killed with: Gun

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Written by Old Bluffer 8th Mar 2008

Written by Mad Movie Mathew

Stanfield is a U.S. Marshal taking Frank Carden away to be executed. Unfortunately for Stanfield, Carden's men have shown up taking out the two other marshals. During this a struggle ensues in the back of the car, as Carden tries to get the gun out of Stanfield's hand. The dead marshal driving puts his foot on the accelerator as he dies, sending the car through a barrier and down a rocky hillside.

It plummets into a river and ends up upside-down. As the inside of the car fills up with water, the pair continue to struggle for the gun, above and below water. Eventually, Frank turns the gun on Stanfield, shooting him in the gut. For some reason, possibly because he is a sympathetic hitman, Frank pulls Stanfield out of the car.

Meanwhile, Ray and Chris are travelling across a bridge when they see the pair struggling against the river. They come down to rescue them. Weak and about to die, Stanfield tells Ray that he's a U.S. Marshal and he should "take custody" of Frank. Stanfield gives Ray the keys to Frank's handcuffs and his ankle-holsted gun (which Ray gets after struggling with Frank).
"Call 911! Don't let him go! Don't let him go..." Stanfield says before expiring from his wounds.

4 categories : One on One, Crash, Drowning, Shot

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