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Contract, The, Davis (Corey Johnson)

This review is currently in DRAFT form and is subject to change.
Film: Contract, The (2006)
Deceased Character: Davis (Corey Johnson)
Archetype: Baddy (Minor)
Killed by: Frank Carden (Morgan Freeman)
Killed with: Gun
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Written by Old Bluffer 19th Aug 2007

Written by Mad Movie MathewDavis is a traitor in Frank's group, working for the U.S. Government and has been assigned to kill Frank, complete the "contract" and cover-up the operation. Meanwhile, Frank is trying to complete the "contract" himself by killing Lydel Hammond Senior at his son's funeral. As it happens, Davis has the same idea. And just to throw an extra spanner in the works, Ray is on the scene trying to prevent Frank's assassination and find the location of his kidnapped son. Ray worked out Frank's location when a TV report on Lydel said the government described him as an "obstacle to progress" - Frank had previously called himself an "exterminator" of "obstacles to progress." (how convienient!)
Frank has his sniper rifle set up when the crunches of wood and leaves distracts him. It's Ray, looking for him. Frank leaves his weapon and stands up.
"You just won't let a man get on with his work, will you?" moans Frank.
"Where's Chris?" questions Ray.
Meanwhile, we see Davis has Frank in his sniper scope yet again (this is the third time in the film this has happened).
"I'm busy," explains Frank. "I have a job to do. After that, we can talk."
"Where's my son?" Ray repeats, jumping on Frank.
Davis takes his shot and Ray has unintentionally saved Frank's life by diving on him. (this marks the third tme something has caused Davis to miss Frank). Frank realizes someone is shooting at him and who it is.
"I think it's my friend," says Frank.
"Your friend?" asks Ray.
"Well, more of an acquaintance," corrects Frank. "Keep your head down."

Frank leaves to take care of his "friend", pulling out a gun. As he walks among the trees, Davis catches Frank again and shoots at him. He misses and Frank is now running. He sees what appears to be Frank and fires, hitting the target. In reality, Frank is on the ground, holding his jacket up on a stick to fool his hunter. Sure that the target is dead, Davis turns to Lydel and sets aim. Frank crawls across the dirt.
"Hey, smartass," says Frank when he catches up to Davis.
Davis turns around to recieve a boot in the face, knocking him to the ground. Tucking his gun back in his trousers, he then takes Davis' rifle and shoots him twice in the chest, 'exterminating' him.

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