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Commando, Arius (Dan Hedaya)

Site Rating: 60%
(ratings: 5)
Writeup Rating: 87%
(ratings: 3)
Film: Commando (1985)
Deceased Character: Arius (Dan Hedaya)
Archetype: Baddy (Major)
Killed by: John Matrix (Arnold Schwarzenegger)
Killed with: Machine Gun

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Written by Mr. Mouseburger 15th Apr 2006

Kindly submitted by Kooshmeister

Arius is the deposed ruler of some banana republic, and creator of the evil scheme to kidnap Matrix's daughter in order blackmail him into assassinating the current benevolent ruler so that he can retake the throne.

It is a pity for him that Arius didn't factor into the equation that muscle bound Special Forces brute, Matrix, would not take kindly to having his daughter kidnapped, or being told to murder an innocent man. The living embodiment of a one-man army (there is a great scene where he kits himself out with all sorts of implements of death before going on the rampage), Matrix storms Arius' island stronghold and butchers his military force single-handed.

Arius attempts to kill Matrix himself with a Steyr AUG machine gun from within his mansion. He misses, and Matrix returns fire. Arius though proves to be a surprisingly nimble little bugger, and he runs along a series of windows just two steps ahead of Matrix's panning gunfire, then disappears entirely, forcing Matrix to enter the mansion to get the bastard.

After exchanging a few more bursts of gunfire, Arius runs up some stairs and shoots at Matrix from the landing while standing in front of some invitingly large patio doors. Matrix dodges the bullets, performs a forward roll and, after righting himself, immediately returns fire riddling Arius with bullets and knocking the ex-dictator through the patio doors, off the second-floor patio and crashing to the ground below.

4 categories : Gunfight, Falling, Shot, Defenestration

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This review has 8 comments. Reply to the comments
Comment 1 by 'Deez' (reply to this comment)
This is probably some of the best writing I have ever read. Bravo to the writer for this skillfully crafted masterpeace. Seriouly you should be a working for the NY Times.
Comment 2 by 'Matt' (reply to this comment)
Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, you know... winking smiley
Comment 3 by 'Kooshmeister' (reply to this comment)
Aw nuts, and here I was hoping the guy was being serious. I do try and make my writeups fun. smiling smiley
Comment 4 by 'Mr. Briggs Incorporated' (reply to this comment)
The lowest form of wit are not-so-subtle one-liners such as "Don't disturb my friend. He's dead tired." or "I think he gets the point."
Comment 5 by 'Deez' (reply to this comment)
I am being serious! I believe that the writing is very clever and yet comical at the same time. The writer could not have described the last moments of Arius's life in a better way.
Why do you people jump to conclusions and bash commentors for no apparant reason?
Kooshmeister, I really enjoyed this segment and I look forward to reading more of your posts.
Comment 6 by 'Matt' (reply to this comment)
Sorry. I don't bash commentors usually. I thought you were messing about.

And I agree: Koosh is one of our best writers.
Comment 7 by 'The Doctor' (reply to this comment)
Matrix is wielding a shotgun in this scene, not a machine gun.

Also, thanks to the commentary on the new DVD, I learned that Raul Julia was originally supposed to play Arius, but Dan Hedaya was cast instead because he was a friend of the studio head at the time. Also, Hedaya was very scared of the machine gun he had to use, and it shows every time he fires it.
Comment 8 by 'Karl_Eichholtz_13' (reply to this comment)
[quote Mr. Briggs Incorporated]The lowest form of wit are not-so-subtle one-liners such as "Don't disturb my friend. He's dead tired." or "I think he gets the point."[/quote]what's the best subtle one-liners? "He had to fly." "See you at the party Richter!" and "What a hothead."