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Top Actors who have died at least 2 times in the movies.

This view of our database gives a good idea of the people who are most likely to be slain in the movies.

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John Travolta6
Bruce Willis5
Gary Oldman5
Sean Bean5
Christopher Lee4
Robert Shaw4
Alan Rickman3
Alfred Molina3
Arnold Schwarzenegger3
Carl Weathers3
Christopher Lloyd3
David Patrick Kelly3
Jack Palance3
Jeremy Irons3
Kevin Spacey3
Pat Roach3
Robert Englund3
Terry Gilliam3
Al Pacino2
Andy Serkis2
Benicio Del Toro2
Bill Duke2
Bill Murray2
Bill Paxton2
Brendan Gleeson2
Christopher Walken2
Dean Stockwell2
Denzel Washington2
Ed Harris2
Frank Welker2
Götz Otto2
Gene Hackman2
Geoffrey Rush2
Hugo Weaving2
Jack Nicholson2
James Caan2
Jared Leto2
Jeff Corey2
John Hurt2
John Hurt (voice)2
John Malkovich2
John Young2
Johnathan Pryce2
Johnny Depp2
Julian Glover2
Larry Drake2
Lawrence Makoare2
Margaret Hamilton2
Marshall Bell2