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3:10 to Yuma, Tucker (Kevin Durand)

Site Rating: 53%
(ratings: 3)
Writeup Rating: 80%
(ratings: 3)
Film: 3:10 to Yuma (2007)
Deceased Character: Tucker (Kevin Durand)
Archetype: Ambivalent (Minor)
Killed by: Ben Wade (Russell Crowe)
Killed with: Steak Fork

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Written by Old Bluffer 28th May 2008

Written by Mad Movie Mathew

One of the team escorting gang member Ben Wade to the train to Yuma prison, Tucker is a bit of a jerk - we are first introduced to him setting good-natured rancher Dan Evans' stable on fire because Evans hasn't been paying his rent. Now when you're escorting a killer, one really shouldn't be stupid enough to annoy said killer. Luckily for the readership of this site, Tucker is that stupid.

As Wade tries to sleep by the campfire, Tucker is still wide awake and obviously has the intention of agitating Wade.
"They're gonna hang me in the mornin'..." sings Tucker. "Before the night is done / They're going to hang me in the mornin' / I'll never see the sun."
Wade is awake. "I suppose it's too much for a little quiet."
"The way I figured it is I'd be asleep in my own bed right now if it weren't for you," reasons Tucker. "So if I gotta be up, well, then, you're darn well gonna be up with me too, Ben Wade."
Clearly exasperated, Wade rolls onto his back to attempt to get to sleep. Tucker, true to his word, starts singing again.

Some time passes. Suddenly, we hear chipping noises, followed by choking. Wade is viciously stabbing Tucker repeatedly in the neck. The rest of the group wake up and separate the pair. McElroy, the grizzled old Pinkerton, repeatedly slams his rifle butt into Wade's face until Evans pulls him away. Meanwhile, Doc Potter, examining the body, finds the weapon - a steak fork, which Wade presumably stole whilst having dinner at Evans' house. The group decide to mount up.

"They're gonna hang me in the mornin' / I'll never see the sun..." sings a bloodied Wade, as he wipes the blood from his face.

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Comment 1 by 'commanderblue' (reply to this comment)
lol, maybe it's not 'funny' to laugh at a death but thanks to Schadenfraude, I found this one particularly funny. In fact, i may have been one of the only ones sorta "laughing" in the theater at the morbidity of it all. Tucker had it coming to him anyways.